Mama Bev's Butter Cake, 3 Pack



Oh, pffffffffffft. I don’t want free cake. Okay, I DO want free cake but I’m not trying to actually get it. I think. Life is very confusing for me right now. Wildfires SUCK.

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We hope you are staying safe!

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@MamaBevsBakery, I got the cakes a month ago and they were awesome. Thanks for putting them out on Woot or I would have never come across them.

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Just ordered 2 (salted caramel and classic butter). Can’t wait till they arrive!

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Thank you so much for giving us a chance!! We are so glad that you love them. :heart_eyes:

Oh yum! :yum: We can’t wait to hear your thoughts. :relaxed:

I bought these the first time I saw them on woot!, missed out the second time they were on and I was bummed.
They are super delicious and I’ll order again for sure!

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Just put my order in for two of my favorite flavors - mint chocolate and peanut butter cookie.

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We are so glad that you enjoyed them!!! That definitely makes our day. :heart_eyes:

Yes! Fabulous choices, we can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

My order from Mama Bevs came today! Super fast shipping and not a crumb out of place. I can’t wait to try that salted caramel later on with a cuppa hot tea…


We are so glad that you received your cakes in perfect condition!!!
We can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Hot tea sounds like an absolutely delicious pairing.
:yum: :tea: