Marpac Dohm White Noise Sound Machines

Marpac Dohm White Noise Sound Machines

So you want us to spend $30 for a machine that mimics a $10 fan?

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YESTERDAY - Other model MARPAC sound machines were recalled under an alert from the US CSPC due to battery compartment design failures leading to burns. Of course MARPAC is having a “fire sale”. For more:

I have been using one of these for about 4-5 years and I love it. I received it as a gift, probably would not have purchased for myself at that time, but now if it dies I will definitely get another.

The obvious skeptical question is, ‘why should I use this when I already have a fan?’ and to that I say, if you are going to use a fan regardless for cooling, and that gives sufficient white noise, then you don’t need to use a dedicated white noise machine at the same time. However if you are using a fan for the purpose of white noise, the dohm is an improvent for the following reasons IMHO:

  1. Does not create unwanted breeze.
  2. Very adjustable volume and tone. Don’t underestimate this feature until you’ve used it. Different tones will work better against various types of noise.
  3. Small footprint compared to a fan.

The only “con” I notice is that since it does contain an internal fan, it will eventually need the dust cleaned out. I have been putting this off, I need to figure out how to open it up to clean. I think that is one possible improvement that could be made to the design – if it was easy to open and vacuum or wipe down.

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Not very cheap for refurbished product. Come on Amazon, you can do better than that on Woot.

Have used these for more than a decade. Work great to quiet the puppies at night who bark at anything.

These have worked great for promoting sleep without the need for a fan blowing all the time. I personally used the highest amount of sound all the time, but nice to know I could adjust the sound if I needed.

Do you want a fan on when it’s 15* in the winter? Actually it does not really mimic the sound of a fan. It uses a fan to make a constant white noise. It really works well.

I bought one of these in 1995 when I traveled for work and stayed in a lot of hotels. It masks outside sounds well, and creates a sound that is great for sleep. When I got married, my wife was one of those people who wanted absolute silence and absolute dark in order to sleep. I convinced her to try this, and now she can’t really sleep without it. BTW - I am still using the one I bought in 1995! They seem to run forever! I did clean some dust out of it with a vacuum in 2003 or so, but that is all I have ever done to it that resembles maintenance.

used one for the past 5 years. wonderful device, and great authentic white noise.

in for 3 at this price. mothers day etc coming up.

@allyjohnson this model doesnt use a battery.

FYI, if you call Marpac and ask, they will sell you a refurb Classic Dohm in your choice of color for $25 with free shipping.

just received. used. very used. but seems to work for now.