Marquee Innovations Wireless Earbuds


Marquee Innovations Wireless Earbuds


Very uncomfortable with the fact that the exact replica of this ear bud under a different branding has 27 5-Star reviews posted on the Amazon website all dated 7 January (the day before this offer hits). This smells a bit rotten if not fraudulent.


Yep - solid F on Fakespot. Avoid.


That might be why we didn’t link to it. Feel free to report it to Amazon. It is a dead giveaway when none are verified purchasers. Sigh.

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Thanks for the post. First I’ve heard of Fakespot, appreciate the info.


So I just posted my complaint to Amazon about the obviously fake reviews. Took me 20 minutes to figure out how to send in the complaint. It should not be that hard to report suspicious listings.


Why are you putting the onus on the members to report this to Amazon Thunderthighs? Why aren’t you doing it as a common practice to protect your customers from buying fraudulent items?


You should be paying people to take these useless ear buds off your hands. I also want to know why it is so difficult to navigate thru the comments section. You should allow all comments to be seen for any items. You just lost me to your site with your unethical practices.


Hey there, sorry to hear you’re having issues with our comments section. Every item has its own comment section and all comments can be seen by everyone who accesses the discussion board. If you’re referring to another issue, please let us know!


I’m happy to report that at least Amazon wiped the bogus reviews off of the product on their website. Apparently the process of reporting works. It also appears that Woot has removed it from its inventory. Now if it was just easier for this process to work. I shouldn’t have to google for help on how to report bogus listings on Amazon or Woot. It should be readily available and easily understood. It’s protection for the customer and the company itself. And in all honesty it shouldn’t be the customers that have to do the sleuthing. Just saying.


Hi there! We removed what from our inventory? This item is still for sale. :slight_smile:

And WOOHOO! Thanks for taking the time to report the bogus reviews to Amazon!


I think the suggestion is that you should. Those reviews have been replaced with new fake reviews. This is a scam product. You should consider delisting it. FWIW reporting fake reviews in counter productive. It cleans the slate for the product and makes it harder for savvy customers to use things like FakeSpot to know what is really happening. Please do not report fake reviews. My $0.02

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These headphones are simply terrible. They are poorly made pieces of crap and aren’t worth the price. It’s a shame that Woot keeps trying to pawn off the crap Amazon doesn’t want. Meh…


Yeah, sorry but this is our crap.


I purchased two sets of these earbuds for Christmas. I would like to echo that they are complete GARBAGE! I will offer that both pairs were able to connect to one android and one iphone and play music for about 5 minutes then CRAP!! They won’t hold a charge for more than 5 minutes, won’t stay connected, just pure garbage.


Very sorry. These have a 90-day woot warranty. Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.


Yuck. This is getting worse. They have been removed these from Amazon yet still for sale here. 50% of buyers are buying this as their first woot. I suspect you’ll never see those customers again.


I bought a pair of these and for $20, I think it’s a good deal. They work fine with iPhone. Only complaint is battery life is not that long, playback is only about 3hrs for me, but they get me through my commute. I don’t know why so many reviewers see this item as a personal affront to them lol.

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Bought these ear buds under a different branding, they are very large, don’t fit in the average persons’ ears. Also one ear bud failed after only 1 month, will no longer charge in the box or by direct connection. Cheap crap.


Bought these with high hopes. Put them in my travel bag. Won’t charge. Won’t turn on. Won’t pair. Won’t work. This is a rezzbery not a woot