Masterbuilt Electric/Digital Smokers - Your Choice

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Masterbuilt Electric/Digital Smokers - Your Choice
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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What’s the difference between the two Masterbuilt smokers other than a bigger window and front or rear controls? One also has a number of extras for the same price as the other unit.

Reviews with Manuals over at Academy Sports & Outdoors

seems like a few of the reviews I have read talk about some common defects, but state the manufacturer is willing to ship replacement parts free of charge. If I bought this and it had a defect would I get the same treatment, or would I be screwed because it is refurbished?

Edit: looks like it comes with 90 day manufacturer warranty.

I got the one with the larger window when it was on here just before thanksgiving. I’ve had great luck with it. For thanksgiving I smoked a 20lb turkey and a ham at the same time so you really can fit just about anything in it. I’ve also done salmon a couple of times in it as well. All outside in colder temps (New England) and its gotten up to temp easily and maintained the temp. I believe I’ve used it outside down into the low 40s.

The only “complaint” I have is the wood capacity. It’s quite small. Like a handful of wood chips literally. I find that I have to add wood about every 30 to 45 minutes. The way I’ve cooked so far it hasn’t been a huge deal. I have used higher temps (typically around 200* or so) and the food has cooked in a reasonable time however if I was going to do something with an all day smoke it would get quite bothersome. However there is an add on “cold smoke” attachment which attaches to where you add the wood and pumps the smoke into the unit. This device has a much larger capacity and I’ll probably pick it up one day (Hey Woot buyers! Get your hands on a shipment of these before I end up buying it somewhere else). Overall I would view this complaint as a limitation and keep it in mind if you are planning on doing an all day smoke. But overall I’ve been quite pleased with it.

Edit: here is the link to the cold smoke attachment at the mother ship

I also bought the 20076314R (the one with the bigger window) last fall. I think it was the same price, but you get a bunch of extras now for the same price. I’m happy with my smoker; getting those extras is a great bonus right now IMHO.

Also if anyone needs an idea on something awesome with this. Take wings, smoke them and then finish them in the fryer. Best wings ever.

Had a similar one before, replaced it with one of these from a previous woot, great smoker.
I agree that the wood tray is small and the wife got me one of the cold smoke attachments for Christmas, looking forward to testing it out on the next quad of butts. Remember it takes the same amount of time to cook one as it does four and the stuff freezes well.

I’ve got the one in the front with the controls in a pod toward the back/top. My family loves it. Excellent ham, pulled pork, whole chicken. Being electric allows for excellent temperature control and you can set it and leave it. I’ve done pulled pork overnight (boston butt). Smoke for the first few hours then go to bed. Perfect tender BBQ in the morning.

Last time these were up I purchased the Model 20076314R. Normally I use a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker with charcoal/hard wood. I purchased the Masterbuilt Electric smoker to see how it compared and with the hopes it would offer a close option to a more traditional smoker with less work and constant attention required.

So far I can say this smoker does a pretty good job and can produce smoked meats close to the quality of a traditional smoker. To date I have used it to smoke salmon, turkey, ribs and sausage. Next I will try brisket and pork shoulders (for pulled pork). I waited on the last 2 as they take more time (typically 12-14 hours for the pork shoulder) and I didn’t want to waste my time if the smoker didn’t work well. Also we are just moving into good smoking time of the season in FL (cooler weather).

I can confirm these smokers are a good option to a more traditional smoker and are easier to manage for somebody new to smoking. The smokers are easy to assemble. The frame is stainless steel and while the sheet steel is not very thick, as long as you do not abuse it, it should last for a long time. As somebody mentioned above, the windows are of little use. Once the smoke has started the smoke, soot and condensation on the window mean the items you are smoking are mostly shadows. Although you can see them a bit if you use a strong flash light. The seal on the door works well and it doesn’t take a lot of wood chips to keep the insides smokey. However I suggest you keep the vent fully open to allow the smoke to refresh. Normally with a normal smoker you want to open the smoker as little as possible as that makes it harder to keep the smoker at a constant temp. With these smokers, opening it occasionally is useful. The electric control quickly brings the temp back to your set range and the wood chips are only producing smoke while the heater is on. So if it is a warm day with little wind, the smoker is well enough insulated that it may not turn on often enough to replenish with fresh smoke unless you open it to check and baste the meats occasionally. These use the smaller wood chips and not chunk wood and they do not require a lot of chips per hour. So your expendables cost is fairly low. They are easy to clean as all the racks, pans and rack holders are easily removed and of a size that is easy to clean in a sink.

The remote control works well but it is important to note, you should use the panel controls or the remote. The first time I used the smoker I started with the panel control and then turned on the hand held to monitor the temps. I didn’t notice it reset when I turned on the remote and the cooker cooled back off by the time I realized it and I wasted time getting it back up to temp.

I also was able to find the same smokers locally for about the same price (new) during the pre-Xmas sales.

We have the black one - it does require refilling the wood chips every 30-45 minutes. Ours also has the unfortunate tendency to just turn off randomly during the cooking time. The only way we know it has turned off is the remote you can bring inside beeps when it hits the low temperature threshold you set for it. This happened 3-4 times in a 5 hour cooking time period. Also, I don’t know if this includes the cover, but the cover is not waterproof, and if water gets on the top electric control panel it will short it. We were able to fix it. When it does work, it makes food taste incredible. Unfortunately, it’s not reliable and I would not recommend it. Can’t say anything about the other model, but I don’t have high hopes for the brand.

I always worry about factory reconditioned items that are food related. My Ninja blender was factory reconditioned and came complete with chunks of whatever the last guy was blending mixed around the blades… YUCK!

When I was a kid, my thrifty neighbor made a smoker out of an old refrigerator. Apparently, he was unaware of some plastic foam insulation. It caught fire and spewed black toxic smoke, coating 100’s of $$ of meat.

I have two - one of the old analog and a newer digital model I picked up this year. I have had no problems with either and I use them very frequently. I bought the cold smoker attachment for the newer digital - enables me to load up enough chips for 5 - 6 hours of smoking at a time. I am very happy with both the smokers.

I started my smoking adventure with this unit. One is the newer model, but don’t worry about the glass, after a few smokes the window is seasoned and useless. Its a great beginner unit.

I then went to the Weber Smokey Mountain and bought a Stoker to control the airflow so I could sleep at night without worries.

If your the type that does smoking of ribs or brisket and wraps in foil then this is good also, it holds temps well, the probes stink but most do.

The only downside to this, is the wood tray doesn’t hold many chips, and when they burn the ashes sit preventing new ones from burning, so you have to either empty it out, requires opening the door ( no no ) or what I did, use a torch to light the chips then stick them in.

Also if you want to get the flavor of the wood/charcoal from a regular smoker you can, then move to this for the set it and forget it, it’s also great for that.

I recommend either, but the higher product number is the newest.

Bought the silver one new from the mothership with a cover for the same price as a daily deal awhile ago. Note that the window looks nice in pictures but, no surprise, gets covered with smoke and so doesn’t really serve much of a purpose. You still need to open it to see what is going on (but resist the temptation).

I also bought the cold smoker attachment which I strongly recommend as it will hold a few hours worth of chips. I attach the cold smoker to the unit via a piece of vent elbow and flexible dryer vent tubing. I also added a handle to the cold smoker. Makes moving it much easier and supposedly helps traps some of the creosote and other nasty things.

Fun to play with and I have had good results so far. Pretty much set and forget.

I bought the 20072514R. It didn’t even last a summer. It would randomly shut itself off. At first I thought I was accidentally turning it off from the remote, but after it ruined a full smoker of ribs I gave up on it. Apparently this was a common problem with the control board on the top. I’m sure I could have gotten a replacement but I just didn’t trust that it would be a permanent fix. Plus it was out of it’s pretty short warranty. I think they only have 90 days on the new ones. I won’t buy from masterbuilt again.

$10 cheaper at Dick’s.