Mastercraft 55-Piece Automotive Maintenance Kit

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Mastercraft 55-Piece Automotive Maintenance Kit
Price: $39.99
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I’ve worked on a lot of cars, and I can say with great certainty that I don’t see a single tool in here that I’ve ever needed to use on a car.

I was thinking the same thing.

Seems like an awful lot of money for basically just screwdriver bits…

I’ll just let out the inner redneck, and say that I can get the same damn thing on a WalMart shelf half price.

Hard pass.

An “automotive toolkit” with out a 10mm socket is absurd. Literally useless for a car unless you plan on drilling a holes and filling them with oddly shaped head screws.

Automotive tool kit? Yeah right!

A fancy screwdriver bit set…with no driver. So useful!

I came to the comments to make sure I wasn’t the only one seeing everything important missing.

When my car overheats, I like to drill several holes in the hood. Seems to help with the airflow.

I needed a T55 changing brakes – once. Bought just the one, and I was good. Haven’t used it since. Other than that, I’m wondering when they’ll build a car that needs solely torx, hex & drill bits to work on. That would be an odd design indeed.

Finally all the bit I need to work on my Yugo! I predict this will be a great seller.

What garbage! And what’s under that top tray holding those cheap bits, nothing? Why waste all that space for a few pounds of cheap metal?

I’m holding out for the medical kit.

“Don’t let some crazy physician tell you how to maintain your body. Do it yourself!”

Since 1985, all cars have been made with metric bolts and this kit does not have any metric tools? Don’t advertise this as an automotive kit, when it would be useless for your car.

“Automotive” maintenance kit? Who approves the ad copy on this stuff?

I’ve been coming to Woot nearly everyday for 12 years. I feel fairly certain that this is the worst Woot ever. Congratulations Amazon, take a bow.

This IS the medical kit!

Just another terrible woot.