MasterPan Non-Stick Multi-Sectioned Skillet

I purchased a MasterPan during their Kickstarter campaign. It is in an unusual category of cooking pans - you have to want/need to cook small to moderate amounts of several different items (up to 5) all at the same time. For larger amounts of a single item, such as an entire pound of bacon, it makes more sense to use a single large skillet but if you want to cook two slices of bacon, a serving of home fries, an egg and two pancakes all simultaneously then it works.

The overall dimensions are very large for a single pan, and we use it in our travel trailer that has a small 3-burner propane stove. The MasterPan easily covers all three burners and we are only cooking for two of us. Since the stove is so small, this pan allows us to cook everything all at once while simplifying clean-up; otherwise we could only fit two pans at the same time on such a small stovetop, forcing us to cook different foods in “shifts”.

The MasterPan is not a “One Pan Fits All” wonder, but if you have a need for something like this then you shouldn’t be disappointed.

100% cast aluminum, 6 pounds.

I came in to the discussion to write something snarky about this being the crappiest crap that this crappy website ever crapped. But Jon651 points out a legit, but extremely limited use case. RVers, go to town.

It looks like a cook-your-own-tv-dinner tray, except it’s metal and the handle keeps you from being able to shut the microwave door. And no matter how conductive, the rectangular pan seems like a poor fit for round burners.

Hey, that’s not fair. This pan is also very suitable for the OCD folks who don’t like their food touching the other food on their plates.

You all know who you are…

Because ALL food is cooked at the same temperature.

when it comes to making breakfast, yes. I set it to medium and cook everything on that same setting, it’s just how long each item is on the pan will vary.

In this case i’d probably start with the bacon, and then after a few minutes throw on some onions/bell peppers to saute and then the egg, space it out right and you can probably plate everything at almost the same time so you get the whole meal at the right temp.

Nothing worse than deciding between fresh bacon with cooled off eggs or fresh eggs with cooled bacon

That’s what toaster ovens are for… low temp cooked bacon warming.

I’m also a KS backer. I have round elements on my stove and have found the pan works very well at spreading the heat around. I believe it’s designed to give you high heat in the middle to cook up meat, and lower (but constant) on the sides to cook up vegetables.

I’ve used it to prepare salmon with a side of spinach, it works great. Eggs plus a side, too.

I agree that it doesn’t see nearly as much use as my regular 12" pans, but when you want exactly what it’s offering its great to have. Cleans easy too.