Matador Pocket Blanket

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Matador Pocket Blanket
Price: $14.99
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For those of us who have enough trouble folding basic things, I hope that someone says that the folding pattern in the image actually helps/is easily done for the “folding-challenged”.

> Unfold to enjoy the 63" X 44" blanket. Enough space for two people to lay.

Enough for two people … if they’re both about 5’3" or less.

As it happens, that’s about the U.S. average for women, while men average about 5’10".

So it’s a blanket for two women to lay on.

Okay, sold.

The same kind of “blanket” you used to get on a plane. Thinner than a bed sheet, and less durable.

Saw one of these at a park in San Francisco on Independence Day. Looked and felt exactly like the ad type, which is a bit surprising. No idea how durable it is, but it felt like it would last.

I’m in for one. Should be nice to keep in the car for picnics or rain showers.

What are they laying? Why can’t they just lie down?

Walmart sells a similar product for $8.99.

As for fitting two people you better be spooning.

It’s foldable but the product I got from walmart the seams would likely be the first and only area of it failing.

There is conflicting information in the ad. Are the blankets water repellent or water resistant?

I’ve got one of these and I love it! It’s the kind of ripstop material you find on a lightweight tent fly. It’ll definitely keep away the dew on grass but if you lay it in a puddle it’ll eventually seep through. Folding pattern is handy, but it never goes back exactly the way you receive it. Definitely not designed to lay and lounge on, more of butt protector when sitting in dirty areas. I keep mine on my pack to provide dry sitting when backpacking.

Oh so many of these available for less than this on the Mothership. I mean they all don’t carry that famous Matador product name (snark intended), but…

Big warning for anyone looking on the mothership at lesser expensive alternatives. The reviews all seem largely fake based on FakeSpot.
For example, the Matador one rates A:
A - Matador

All of the competitors I looked at are F & D rated:
D - PocketPicknic
F - Treadway
D - OutdoorMaster
D - Kahuna
D - Golyte
F - Zomake

So to summarize, I am purchasing the Matadors right now.

Sorry for the confusion on that! These are water repellent and puncture resistant.

Why would my pocket need a blanket?

For when you are playing pocket pool! :slight_smile: