MEElectronics In-ear Headphones

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MEElectronics In-ear Headphones
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Me No Wanna!!


the black thing with the zipper… how do you fit that in your ear?

But I have an outie.

I was hoping for In-head Earphones.

Most reviews of the MEElectronics In-ear Headphones indicate that…

nevermind, why would I even try for a quality post, this is a Woot-off, it ain’t happening.

Got 1, needed new cheap in ears…not the case though, oh well. I can put my marbles in that!

In for one.

Probably put it in someone’s stocking at Christmas. Or something.

someone buy the crap so we can get the crap

Believe it or not, these are the best earbuds I have ever used. And I’ve used some costing over $80, i.e. Sony’s which uses a diamond plated diaphragm. I like these because the response is almost perfectly flat. It doesn’t overemphasize any frequency, and nothing sound muddled. Too often, earbuds are bass heavy. These are no, yet the bass is definitely there. And unlike many bass heavy earbuds, the highs are clear and well-defined. For the last month, these have been my preferred earphones. I like them so much that I’m looking into their higher end models.

One bad thing: the hard case is very protective but there is nothing to wind the cord.

Hmmmm… in ear! What a great concept!!

I need the Razer street style CLIP ones woot sold a few years back. I wore those puppies out and they are the very best for running!

C’mon woot!!!

I wonder if they sound as good as the Klipsch s4’s I just picked up… I could have saved 50 bucks.

Woot could you help me out here. I need a TV, could you put a nice 37" or even a 32" before 7 AZ time. Thanks :wink:

20.00 free shipping on ebay

jeez I just can’t decide. in or out?

In for three!

I tend to lose my headsets when I travel, and this seemed to get decent reviews on Amazon..

woot could you put up a hammer so I could bash my head in?

f it in for one big spender eh?