Melitta 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine

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DON’T FEAR THE WOOTER ™!!! You can be like they are [;)]

Woot has the Melitta 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine for $39.99 + $5 shipping

Awesome woot!

Now that you are getting the Espresso machine, how about the cups to go with it.

Here are some deals on espresso cup sets.

Espresso cup set deals LINK

Espresso… a must have for serious wooters who want to make sure they are awake [:)]

Yum yum!
Don’t need it tho.
Then again, a good expresso is useful to stay up for these Woots, hehe.
Especially for COLLEGE. (leavin in two weeks for year #2, baby)

Just what I need to stay up late!!!

How about some truckers choice caffeen pills.

Interesting item though… If I only had room in the kitchen. It would match my new blender.

Whats wrong with woot tonight?

woots up again

Server problems for this? I don’t need one, not a big coffee drinker. Thanks anyway, woot.

slow…had visions of BOC…dont fear the reaper

I fought the network for this?

Wow, took awhile to load

Thanks, don’t drink coffee [;)]

what is up with woot tonight…

Espresso machine? I don’t drink coffee … did everyone else have trouble tonight? I waited an agonizing 10 minutes or so =/

coffee makes me poo poo.

Great Item!!! I’m awake now!!!

It’s not Starbucks

crappy woot, I DON’T DRINK COFFEE!

and BTW, this took forever to load, like 10 minutes!

I want my BOC

not today…back to sleep

Espressso Depresso…don’t need it cause this woot is causing me to need ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s…

servers down = no fun and endless refreshing