Memory Foam Bath Rugs & MORE!

Hi! Can you tell me what the backing is on the three different high-pile mats? It’s in my lease that mats can’t have rubber backing (stupid!), so just checking. Thanks!

What does Chocolate/White mean?! The run in the pic is all chocolate. I have no white in my bathroom. If it’s two-toned I can’t get it. :frowning:

Anyone tried out the showerTunes? Does your device actually stay dry?

The Mothership has WestBrook High-Pile Memory Foam Rug for $1.00 less and the description says its 17" x 34" NOT 24" like this listing. Which is correct???

ShowerTunes 115-2SC Curtain/Liner-Beige!!! If you’re watching videos in the shower you’re either in there way to long or doing something other than washing your body…


Is the memory foam bathmat more absorbent? Does it dry out quickly or retain moisture longer than a normal bathmat?

I bought one from woot previously.
The speakers aren’t amazing, but they work great for listening to music in the shower. My smartphone and tablet stay dry while I listen to pandora or bandcamp etc. I’ve had the curtain up for about 5 months and it still works fine with no problems with moisture or mildew. Might get another one for the guest bathroom.
It’s nice to be able to touch and change the song from inside the shower when you get that one song on pandora that has absolutely nothing to do with the genre you chose.

I was wondering this, too…WHY would I want my bathmat to be memory foam? It’s not like I stand on the bathmat long enough to need the comfort/squishyness.

That’s actually why I’m buying one. After standing 12 hours at work my feet are killing me. The hard tile floors make it worse. I just need something soft to stand on while I brush and shave. Looking for something similar that’ll work in the shower

I just received mine and THERE IS NO MEMORY FOAM AT ALL!!! Just a regular bath mat, and very overpriced at that!! I want a refund! False advertising and all that!

Agreed, these were not at all as advertised. I didn’t receive the shower curtains I ordered and paid for at all, and that’s on top of these low quality expensive non-memory foam bath mats. Customer service has been totally non-responsive…

My shower curtain wasn’t shipped with the rest of my order. I got a shipping notice about it, on the 13th which claimed it was delivered on the 10th, to someplace in Missouri (I don’t live in Missouri). When I called Fedex they said it was delivered to someone with my name but NOT my address. Woot really messed up on this one, or the third party they’re working with did. Pretty sad that the response to my “where’s my package” was “we see it was delivered on the 10th, we hope you’re a happy wooter!” from a “no reply” address, so all the replies I sent opened new support tickets, as I found out more information. Man… you’d think now that Amazon owns this place they’d be able to handle help desk issues a bit better than that.

And of course, there’s no customer service phone number.

Jeez, sorry about that. I sent your post along; you should get a reply soon.

I bought this rugs, and they dont hacae anu
Memory Foam!!! Actually they are pretty bad rugs, not worth it!!!

I am pretty irritated with Woot right now. I ordered the brown rug and when it arrived and I opened it, I seriously thought I had received the wrong order. First, there is no memory foam to be found ANYWHERE in this rug…not even on the label. I ordered the brown rug. In the pictures on Woot, the brown is shown as a light brown/tan color. What I got was a dark chocolate brown color. And please do not give me the tired old “differences between monitors” line. There is no way any monitor could change the ugly poop colored monstrosity I got in the mail to the light tan colored rug pictured on Woot. Seriously Woot? Get your stuff sorted out and send me the rug I ordered instead of something that doesn’t even vaguely resemble the description and color of the item you put on your website! Really can see why more a more people are bad mouthing Woot in the comments sections these days!

Sorry for the delay in response and to also hear that you received the wrong color/design.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post and information along to Woot Member Services to investigate the issue.

If you haven’t already, please email into and let them know. They should be able to answer any questions you have and help find a solution.