Memory Foam Sleeper Futon Ottoman

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Memory Foam Sleeper Futon Ottoman
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Overstock Reviews

This… is actually kind of cool. If I didn’t already have a foldout couch, I would be tempted.

Wonder what the brand/manufacturer is. Wonder how heavy this is. This might be good for use in my mini Runaway camping trailer (like a teardrop but not sloped). Could use it as a chair and a bed.

According to the video on Overstock it looks like nova furniture group.

I am tempted, it looks pretty cool. Watch that vid.

I believe what we’re all thinking is “How comfortable can that possibly be?”

Anyone laid on it?

Anyone know how thick the mattress is

Going by the known dimensions (27" wide x 27" deep)and calculating based on the picture… it looks like the mattress is about 3" - 4" thick.

hmm… does the steel mesh squeak? hopefully firm bridge instead of flex, and may well be due to memory foam

That website brought back so many memories of terrible websites in the '90s.

I have two of these that I purchased at Costco a few years ago. I have them side by side with an additional 2 inch memory foam topper on them to make a queen bed.
Used by both short term and long term (multi-month) guests, they have been well received. Guests seem to sleep very well on them.
They are easy to fold up and put in a closet if the room is needed for other purpose.
I added the memory foam topper for a long term guest. I believe they are sufficient without for shorter stays.
I would definitely recommend these even at the full retail price.

After about three years of fairly regular use there is no squeaking and the framework is still in great condition.

We just heard back from the vendor and should be updating the sale soon.

In answer to your question though, the memory foam is 2.5 inches thick.

A regular twin or single bed in the US is 39" wide, but two of these together would make a slightly long full size mattress, so people who are putting two of these together with an added full size pad across the top have the right idea. 27" wide seems like it might be OK for a smaller person or as an emergency bed, but not for an extended stay. Seems like an excellent design though, apart form the narrowness.

I cant speak to the quality of these, but I can say they are knock offs of the ones I bought at Cousin Borigard Concept, an fancy shmancy furniture store. We put two of these from Concept together, put another 3" memory foam topper on it, and it was then my bed for nearly a year. I loved it. Comfortable, low to the ground, and sturdy. Again, those were a different brand, but the design looks exactly like these. We now use them for guests beds.