Mens 3PK Fleece-Lined Full-Zip Hoodie

Mens 3PK Fleece-Lined Full-Zip Hoodie

Anyone buy these before (Blue Ice Brand) and can let us know what kind of quality these are or whether I should save my money? Not sold on them yet.

I have not gotten these but i do get the Sherpa lined ones for the New England cold weather. They are not a fashion statement but are comfortable and warm.

Good luck.

Got these when they were a little less $ for stocking stuffers. X-large is barely to size. After 1 wash I believe the will shrink some. Enjoy.

They’re listed for men but the zipper indicates they’re for women.

Different countries do things differently. I don’t think the zipper matters in this case.

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Yeah, switching zippers based on gender is pretty much a US thing. Some of our clothing manufacturers are discontinuing this practice.