Mens 4Pack Classic Lounge Pants

Mens 4Pack Classic Lounge Pants

Anyone know the quality of these!? Are they thin material or no?

Fairly thin, compare to a t-shirt. Very comfortable.

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I want to know how to get abs like the ones in the pictures.

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Ah, the Work from Home uniform. :slight_smile:

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Anybody have these? How deep are the pockets? Like, would a cell phone stay in it, or fall out easily when you are moving around…er …lounging?

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Yes, pockets are deep enough. Now, you’ll need to tie the waistband pretty tight if you want the pants to stay on…

Agreed. The pants will shrink when washed. I bought size Large and out of the package they fit slightly loose. After they were washed, per the instructions, they now fit slightly snug.

Are these good for grey sweatpants season? Asking for a friend

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Do these have a working fly?

Well you probably couldn’t train them to land on a guys head during a debate … but they might clean themselves by rubbing together while you sit cross legged. Caution… may be unhygienic.

I bought one of these. They are the thinnest, cheapest fabric I have ever seen. I bought XL, and they are skin tight on me. Gigantic waste of money.

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Designed by a thirsty individual, no doubt.

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