Men's Classic 12-Pack Tank Tops

Men's Classic 12-Pack Tank Tops

I bought these for ME! All that was left was the all white ones. Figured I’d the dye some of them and see soft lace around the neck and arm areas to doll them up for night shirts(hot around here in middle Georgia). The others I wear under uniform tops when I work in the garden(bras can be too binding and fancy to go play in the dirt on a daily basis). Anyhow, they are comfortable, wash up easy,durable and convenient…Made for men; sexy on women!:grinning:


Same, I bought them for me, but only white left - figured I would tie dye them should I want color. They were great when the heat was 100+ with 100% humidity last week

Edit: I am not planning on wearing them anywhere but at home, so I am not going to add anything to them other than coloring

Me, either. I wear them at home. But should I get the chance, aside from my daily responsibilities, I’m going to craft them out of curiosity since I have a creative streak. However, I really wish my “chance” to be creative would come to the forefront.