MERRYLITE Solar LED Metal Christmas Tree Decoration

MERRYLITE Solar LED Metal Christmas Tree Decoration

Product dimensions: 24”x8”x8
24" at base?
8" ??? What is this ?
8’ tall ??

From the looks of the video, these look to be 2 feet tall with an 8 inch base.

Agree with Tag. I tweaked the features to state:

  • Product dimensions: 8 diam. x 24H in.

If only the Ground wasn’t already FROZEN!!! Snowing on Halloween this year … Arrgh!!

bought a BUNCH of these last year, we wanted to have a “Christmas Tree Garden” in the front yard. they’re decent, but easily broken. pretty much and “once and done” purchase.

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A little worried that at 2’ tall they will be under the snow here in Michigan. :wink:

I was definitely a sucker on this one. The poles on these trees will
Not even fit together (guess that is why mine look like they were returns). They are not worth the cost at all and should be on the shelves of the Dollar Tree. I usually am not so negative about purchases but this one is seriously ridiculous. Buyers beware. Bah humbug.


They look cool, but you really don’t get that much sun in the winter to make them last long enough.

I bought a two pack of the warm white. I set them in decorative buckets in the house, pointed the solar thing at the window and so far, they’re lighting great! I too am in Michigan and the got here too late to put out, but after Thanksgiving, they’ll go out on the front porch. We’ll see how they do then.

Absolutely crap. If they light they last about 1/2 hour, then dark. The switch only does flashing light even if in steady. Pathetic.


So True! I just got mine and the “B Pole” won’t fit into the base of the 2foot “tall” tree! Ugh! I could not imagine a set of 2 going for $219!! I agree, these should be $5-8 in a “dollar store”!
I wrote the manufacture to see if they could fix the problem… before I give them a Negative review, as it “stands” I have 1 foot trees until I get “B poles” that fit the tree base! Stupid!

What is the price of MERRYLITE Solar LED Metal Christmas Tree???

It depends on which model you choose.

These were a disappointment. They are tiny (but still cute), the poles don’t fit together, and they only lit up one night even after charging all day. Horrible.:…

I’m sorry about that. Make sure you contact Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

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