MicroCotton Duvets - Queen or King



My significant other has been wanting a new comforter/duvet for a while because our current microfiber one seems to attract cat hair like a magnet, and she’s mildly allergic. (It doesn’t bother her during the waking hours, but spending the night with the thing pulled above her head really gets to her allergies.) Does anyone know if this material has the same properties?


I’m confuzzled: is this offer for an actual duvet (like, the quilt-comforter thing), or a duvet cover?

The image seems to show a duvet cover and two shams, and the writeup seems to indicate either.


These look like duvet covers and not actual duvets… A duvet cover is the protective cover that slips over the down comforter (or duvet), much like a pillow case on a pillow.
I’m assuming this because there’s no info here about fill material… hmmm. The title vs. description doesn’t seem to match up…
…or maybe I’m just confused?

EDIT: yes. exactly Ariana. you beat me to it.


The specs quote a micro cotton duvet and 2 shams


UGH!!! When will woot stop confusing duvet covers and duvets? (and when will the majority of the world recognize either as legitimate objects)


Got mine yesterday. Ivory is a lot more yellow than I realized. Don’t think I’ll be using this one.