Microsoft Optical Desktop Elite Wireless Keyboard & Mouse


Microsoft Optical Desktop Elite Wireless Keyboard & Mouse - Sunday, January 29, 2006
Item qty: 750, Last Order: 12:09 AM CST, Wooter to blame: JV309
Order Pace: 0m 1.308s, Woot Wage: $115,230.97/hour.


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Wouldn’t it be a bummer if you broke your mouse trying to Woot a new one and it sold out? Quality posts:
[]p1, using_the_whole_fist says, “I got this the last time around. I’m using one and it works quite well. I’m not in love with the mouse’s case, but that’s not a big deal.”
]p1, NewYork_Knight found it on Amazon.
[]p2, johannvonperfect asks, “Is this thing even USB?”
]p2, WolfBrim warns, “I had tons of trouble with the mouse, which, btw, really sucks. Crappy feel, no extra buttons, and logy. In addition to having trouble keeping its connection consistiently.”
[]p2, melancholy adds, “it has an issue with holding down keys for extended periods of time, say like in a FPS.”
]p3, CoffinDweller says this “Is the BEST keyboard that I’ve ever owned over the last 20 some odd years.”
[]p4, hobbie likes his, “Best non-gaming mouse I’ve used and the keyboard is GREAT.”
]p4, JeffODW proves drinking and Wooting don’t mix..
[*]p5, M3wThr33 and rickfishnj share positive experiences,long after the sell-out.


awesome, gotta buy one, even if it is refurb.


hmmmmmmmm looks like an decent woot for like the 3rd time


WOW just what I wanted for the 13th time.


Sweet deal - but its no guitar!


Great Woot!

First page!!!<br /><b>(USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST)</b>


looks nice, just used these at Microsoft the other day and I was impressed.


these really lag on games


Excellent WOOT. Count me in.


Decent set from MS. Have both already…great price for the system. Hope everybody enjoys it! Wootastic!


after the refurbed bluetooth headsets, I’m almost too scared to buy another refurb :frowning:

That and my logitech wireless suits me.


gotta do this one


Dang too bad I can get my IT guys at work to do the WOOT… i might actually get the keyboard I want. Already got mine for the house…

Oh well… maybe next time…

Night all!!!


didnt they just have this 2 weeks ago?


I’d rather have Logitech. But this is a fair price and Woot.


its like deja vu all over again


Microsoft Optical Desktop Elite Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
$24.99+ $5 shipping


Tempting, might have to buy this one.


I guess this means my trackball isn’t going to come back in style…sign me up!!