Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet Bundles

Does anyone know if this is the same keyboard being sold separately?

I think so?

no, that’s not the same keyboard. that was for a Surface 3 keyboard. This has a Surface Pro 3 Type Cover keyboard; different keyboards. They are not the same; note the spacing of keys.

Does anyone know about the battery life of this device? i5 processor is the one I’m interested in…

I’m not entirely sure this is worth it. I just bought the latest (2017) Surface Pro with 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD and a Core it for $699 with the typecover at MicroCenter. I bought the pen on Amazon for $81, so a grand total of just under $800, not including tax. This is a Surface Pro 3, with a less responsive pen, and it’s refurbished.

Just received my Surface pro 3 bundle.
I’m missing the pen. They did send a pen cover.

Uh oh. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Just received my Surface Pro 3 bundle. It wasn’t too well packed, and although it did include the pen (a “Microsoft Approved” 3rd part unit, as mentioned in the on-line specs), there was no keyboard (the “Type Cover”)! Woot customer service refunded me $120 for that, but now I’ll need to find one elsewhere…

Received mine yesterday with a keyboard cover that look like a dog chewed it, an aftermarket pen with a 1 star rating on Amazon that wouldn’t connect, and the computer gives me a blue screen of death on startup after the latest Windows update that took about 5 hours! Super disappointed.

Contacted Woot - we’ll see what happens!

Egads. I’m so sorry. CS will take care of you.