Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro


Welcome to the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop topic page for Monday, August 23th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop here.


Already ordered one a month ago. darn it.

First Post!


Site seems a bit slow today, wanted to know if this deal was good. Has me considering it even though I dont need it. Damn you woot.


awesome deal guys


site is really slow.


Nice deal, would jump on it. If I had some cash to spare atm


if i had a million dollars…I’d buy a bag o’ crap
if i had a million dollars…I’d buy woot.


We still sell these at Staples for $99.99. I’m ordering one as soon as I find my credit cards. I had a case of losing my wallet…


Went ahead and bought it… christ woot…


good deal… bought 2 right away… need one for computer I’m building friend, and one for… shits and giggles… these things go for… 60-80 bux usually… cheapest on froogle = $40 + ship.

Overall, good deal



If they hadn’t taken away my USB hub at work this might be a nice addition to the cubicile. Of course my older workstation only has 2 USB ports. Not sure I would want this at home for the old gaming system. Or are wireless systems now fast enough you get good enough performance for gaming?

Amazon has these for the low low price of $73.


Wife was just nagging me to find her a wireless keyboard today. $60-80 bucks at OD, so you can bet I’m getting one of these from woot and saving some dough.

Thank you woot, woot would I do without you? :smiley:


Personally, I wouldnt use any wireless mouse w/o a charging base.


Haha my idea is right!! Hot deal after 2 lukewarm ones! Go Woot


Great deal for a new set, but some of the ones they got in the last batch were used it seems. I hope it isn’t the same case with this batch. In for 3! :smiley:



I ordered 3 already…Christmas is not too far to start thinking about presents!! :smiley:


I would totally be all over this if the mouse was a 5 button Explorer mouse. I just can’t deal with 3 button mice anymore. My thumb just doesn’t know what to do with them.


Got one,…Damn maybe i should have gotten two… oh well.


And I paid $80.00 for mine a year ago! :twisted: And I love mine! This is going to sell out fast! Plus it isn’t even refurbished!


Got one. :twisted: