Microsoft Xbox 360 60GB Live Starter Pack

Amazon reviews

You might want to make a note that the hard drive in this does not work with the new black Xbox 360 model.

Does it come with the mannequin head?

That last little swipe at PSN in the description was awesome.

Google Reviews

This is an amazingly good deal. I would normally pay this much just for the hard drive. I still have the old crappy 20gb.

The headphones however are lacking in quality. Mine broke within a couple months just through regular use. And they aren’t the most snugly fitting headphones, the plastic sorta digs into the side of your head.

Does this work with the Xbox 350 Slim? Someone said it doesn’t. Please confirm.

On the bright side, the utter destruction of the Playstation Network will have no effect on this item.

I bought my last headset at Five Below; surprisingly, despite having an awful smell out of the box, it has lasted much longer than any of my first party headsets.

If you’re comfortable with a torx screwdriver and some googling, you can upgrade to a much bigger hard drive for a comparable price (250GB). Having first party support is pretty nice though.

No mention of a save transfer cable if you’re looking to upgrade the cable.

Overall, meh. The headset is ~$10, the 3 months live is about ~$13 (although I’ve paid under $30/yr for the past couple years with prepaid cards). Woot’s price is cheaper than the 60GB drive on its own by $10, which makes this a decent bundle if you want the live code/headest, and/or you’re not comfortable doing your own drive upgrade.

It looks like this doesn’t come with the transfer cable that MS used to package with their upgrade drives. Does anyone know if there is a different way to upgrade from the original 20GB drive to this one without needing to purchase the transfer kit?

It mentions using it to upgrade from the Arcade system but not any others so I’m thinking it won’t work for my situation…

I don’t think PS3 owners get to brag until they have a working online service to play on.

Yes it does.* All you have to do is open the housing and remove the hard drive. It will fit in the hard drive bay of the 360 slim.

If you are worried about the drive just hanging there with little support, you can find drive enclosures from various sites. I got one for around $9 shipped. Don’t be scared of the misinformed. I used mine without an enclosure with no problems for several months before finally ordering one.

You didn’t read to the last paragraph, did you?

Sounds a bit like a Folgers commercial.

Glad to let you know that it actually came up a few hours ago and I’ve been playing for an hour straight with no problems so far. :slight_smile:

That last little swipe at PSN was childish and cheap, this will make sure I won’t buy anything from woot for a very long time

My sign-in (and, thusly, attempted steam activation of my PC copy of portal 2) failed a little under two hours ago, I’ll have to try again.–-psn-restoration-begins-now/

shows who can play right now and who can’t. I’m SC so I can :smiley:

thinks it’s a good deal, even if you don’t have an x-box…

This hard drive does not really fit “physically” with the new Xbox 360 slim. It will fit however but loosely as this individual explains from Yahoo Answers!

“Generally speaking no, it is possible to bust open the old drive bay, disconnect the drive, and then slip the drive into the 360 S System, but the drive doesn’t fit properly, is lose, and could easily disconnect when it spins up. If you don’t have a 360 S and plan on getting one, and need a hard drive, save yourself a lot of time, trouble, and money and just get the 360 S 250 GB and a transfer kit.”

So at your own risk use the old hard drives with the new Xbox 360 slim.

For those that either have the old 20 GB drive, this is a nice upgrade. You do have to buy the transfer cable separately - but you can get it used for $8 usually…or bit the bullet and buy it new @ Amazon for $17.

If you have the “core” system (ie no HD), than this is a no-brainer.

As someone said, if you have the S (black, smaller form factor), this won’t work – well the 3 months of XBL and the headset will, but the drive will be useless…

And I just played MotorStorm apocolypse online on my PS3. Yay! Northeast is FIRST!

Take that Texas and your 1AM EDT deals ;).