Midnight Rider


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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congrats to everybody who wanted this!

congrats cho! nice design, great line work!

Cool, funny, looks to be a great print, but not for me.

Old West goodness in advance! :tongue:

Congrats on the print Cho. Where have you been? Haven’t seen you enter any derbies in a long while.

Love it Cho! Of course I got one… wanted it then, got it now =)

Hehehe ‘Floozy of Cho’ You’d better make those, Woot. And put them in my Bag of Crap.

P.S. This shirt means a lot to me as I used to collect raccoon figurines, stuffed animals, etc. when I was a kid.

Sweeeeet. Bring on the Attack of the Summer Blockbusters!

hooray for the editors choice!
this needed life SOMEWHERE!
grats cho

Awww I was getting excited for a new daily design I hadn’t already seen. Oh well, nice job getting it printed.

Gotta pull out that Gideon’s Bible I have from some unknown motel room I’d rather forget, and maybe start reading it while wearing this shirt.

hello newest addition to the available indefinitely


runs in circles and buys

Woot, you are the best. I love you.

rocky raccoon, a song by the beatles… everyone else will get it if you are wearing it, so dont worry and buy it

Best shirt ever in the derby, in my opinion. I’m so glad to finally own one!

Nice work, but not my favourite Cho shirt. Have to pass on this one.

(How long before Woot just gives up and changes this site to shirt.cuute.com?)

Got my two.
Once again, if son is home, we will have to make sure we don’t have the same shirt on!

Congrats, James. A well deserved print. Got me one.

So what’s the speculation? Are they gonna go with numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7? Or is this choice just coincidence?


I mean, good call woot dudes. And do let me know if you decide on that floozy of cho pendant, ok?