Mirage Home Theater Speakers

I’m not sure I can even afford to discuss this event, but that won’t stop me from imagining a pair of the OMD-28s at my next party…

I bought a pair of these on their last go-around on Sellout. I opened the boxes and made sure that they were all intact and then boxed them back up.

I’ll provide a review once I move. They appear promising though.

I have the OMD-5 and OMD-28s. Have had for over 2 years now. I use them in a 7.1 home theater arrangement, and I love them. They have fantastic sound. Would recommend. Great price on 28s. 5s are not a special price.

Is the price for a pair or single speaker?

Single speaker. You can look at the bottom of the specs at “In the box” and see that it says (1). That’ll clear it up… in most cases… unless we screw up or something.

They keep posting these but the selection gets smaller and smaller. I’ve already got two OMD-28’s, two 15’s, four 5’s and a C-1. Love these speakers.

When is Woot going to put up some 28’s in maple or a C2 or OMD-R’s???

Ahhh why limit 2 per customer. Need a third OMD15 for a center.

How do you place the OMD-15 as a center speaker? I was thinking of doing this but I was not sure how it would work…

I just received my OMD-15 speakers and one of them has a bashed in dome on the speaker.