Mirage OMD-28 Floorstanding Speaker

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Do you guys think that these speakers would work well with Onkyo TX-NR818?

Unless youve got a large cavernous room there’s no reason they wouldn’t for front left/right channels from what I see.

The TX-NR818 is rated at 125w @ 6 ohms and the OMD-28 is listed at 50-300w at 6 ohms.

I would be careful at first - especially during break in, not to really crank it up in THX mode.

Can anyone tell me what impedance the receiver should be set to in order to properly drive these speakers? Thanks…

According to the spec page, OMD-28 impedance is 6 Ohms nominal.

Thanks, my receiver has a choice of either 4 or 8…should I go with 8?

I already own a pair of these speakers that I bought from Vanns several years ago. A few things about the OMD-28, speaker placement is critical and they love power. I was originally using a Onkyo tx-nr906 which is no slouch then I bought a Emotiva XPA-3 and it really woke up the speakers compared to the 906. Now I am using a Denon 4311 as pre-amp and powering the OMD-28’s with a Emotiva XPA-2 and the XPA-3 is now powering my center channel (OMD-C2) and my rears (OMD-R’s). The XPA-2 increased the bass output of these speakers. The more power I put to these speakers the better they sounded. I know longer need to use a separate sub with the XPA-2 powering the OMD-28’s. Most users over at the Emotiva forum where using the XPA-1 mono block amp to power each speaker. Another point for those thinking about using these in a 5.1 or higher speaker configuration is the non-availability of the OMD-C2 center channel. I have an older set of the Mirage OMD-5’s and OM-C2 (center channel) in another area of the house. Before buying the OMD-C2 I placed the older OM-C2 with OMD-28’s and while it worked it sounded out of place. I even called Mirage and they stated the OM-C2 was not a good match. Once I purchased the OMD-C2 all was great. At the current selling price I was thinking about buying another set.

To really make these speakers sound good they would be well suited with an external amp. Here is what one reviewer stated, "Mirage claims that the OMD-28’s voltage sensitivity is 87dB, and that its nominal impedance is 6 ohms, with a 3.5-ohm low point. I’d say their recommendation of power amplifiers rated from 50Wpc all the way up to 300Wpc is spot-on. You need some power to get the OMD-28s going, and they also seem able to take quite a lot. The mistake you don’t want to make is to pair them with a small amp that might not be able to get enough of a grip on them to make them really deliver.

You can read the whole review here: http://www.soundstageav.com/onhifi/20070401.htm

Man I just spent an hour looking at some of those companies. CAT has a speaker that’s $1.1 million each. They also have a media room setup for $18.9 million.


As someone who also owns “high end” but affordable high end speakers (Axiom Audio), Pioneer has introduced some really good, relatively inexpensive speakers, designed by Andrew Jones.

Just google “Pioneer Speakers Andrew Jones”, and you will find lots of good reviews.

These things are setting the audio world on fire, for good sound at low prices.

Are they going to replace B&W’s? Probably not, but if these were out when I bought my Axiom system, I would have given them a careful evaluation prior to purchasing my Axiom’s.

No Highs, No Lows, must be Bose!

Anyone know how the sound quality of the OMD-28 compares to Definitive Technology BP-8040ST Speakers?

It’s absurd to compare these speakers to Blose.

I have had a complete seven speaker set of Mirage OMD-15/OMD-C1/OMD-5 for my home theater and they are great. I ordered a pair of these from Woot! about 10 days ago, got them Saturday and could not be happier. The build quality is fantastic.

I’m still breaking them in (100 hours minimum) but very happy with the sound. This weekend I’ll really crank them up. I have an Onkyo 809 receiver, very similar to the 818 mentioned above. That is what I’m using now but I have 2 power amps I’m going to try. One is rated 225 W/ch @ 8 ohms 20-20k, the other 350. You want to have a lot of power with these. They are about 3 dB less efficient than the OMD-15 so you need double the power.

Thanks for the info. Since Klipsch is the distributor, I assume they police the sales of these speakers in much the way they do their own brand, which is to say that anyone who thinks they can make a quick buck buying/reselling these speakers might want to think twice.

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Go with 4. I think that giving an amp a speaker with a higher impedance than it is expecting is typically safer than giving it one with a lower impedance than it is expecting. Also note that these speakers get down to 3.5 Ohm at some frequency.

Take a deep breath there sparky…no one is trying to compare these to Bose. Bose is just being used as a poster child of how you can give a little snake oil pitch and convince folks that it’s something real special.

I’ll admit - I’m a whore. I sold Bose but only to those folks who really really wanted them.

I worked in one of the top high-end audio retailers back in the mid 70’s. Listening to gear is what I did all day long. Personally I’ve got an old school rig with IMS TLS 80’s powered by a Threshold that I purchased new back in the 70’s.

Still kicks ass.

The trouble is finding a shop in the area where I can get a turntable cartridge installed correctly. My eyes just won’t let me do it anymore.

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