Mischief Days! June 20 - June 24

It’s 9:00 CT. WHERE’S THE MONGERING??!?!?!?!!??!!

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I think they’re still busy boarding up the last Post Mongering thread…

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Well crud I have to go adult now. :pouting_cat:

I need to win!

So @davejlives headlines at meh :face_with_diagonal_mouth:?

It’s been a while since you asked so you’ve probably already seen the thread, but…


Good morning :smiley:

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Has it started

If you’re talking about Post Mongering, yes it has. See the link I posted just above your comments.


Damn, I’ve got to fill up my :blue_car:! What’s that smile :blush: about?

Need a new one.


Not tuff enough.

Brand new out of the box

Fresh out the plastic.

Hot off the grill.

Seems like some supervisor has found the forums!


Is there a link for bargain bin or is it a treasure hunt?