Missing shirt?

Hi. It’s been a while (2013, I think) and I don’t know why I never thought of it before, but my Thanksgivukkah shirt never made it to the catalog. Do you still have it? Is it still available for purchase?

It was this: https://shirt.woot.com/offers/thanksgivukkah

Granted, they will never overlap like that again, but they’ll get close?

– Me

In 2070, they’ll sort of overlap.

I noticed it missing from your catalog a while back, but thought it was because it was maybe because of a non-exclusive contract or something.

Speak up, Narf. I need you.
Shirt woot needs you.
We all need you.

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I’ll ask the shirt team. :slight_smile:

It was taking a while with the site transition too, so new shirts, or shirts in side sales, take slightly longer to pop back into your catalog once the sale is over. Glad you remembered your shirt so they can find it!!

Aw, man. I thought that was a haiku when I first read it… :confused:


Please use your words, Narf.
I need you; Woot needs you too.
We all need Narf’s words.


Much better :slight_smile:


Sometimes I assume
When I should be speaking up
I’m sorry, Marcee.

(ETA: why are the cat smilies not working?!)