Mlambert 48FT Outdoor LED String Light

Mlambert 48FT Outdoor LED String Light

‘Fancy’ colors!

back in my day we lit the cave by fire and it came in one color! fire! and we liked it! :fire:

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Deceptive photos. A lot of the photos show the lights about a ft apart or less but the specs state they are 38" apart. While some show multiple strings twisted together to get that others show a single string with that spacing which would be about 4 times as many lights. 15 lights over a 48’ distance is pretty sparse. It might be what some people are looking for but others…?


“Add fancy ambience to your areas” – what is this, Frederick’s of Hollywood?

Thanks for this comment, I wouldn’t have noticed that! Is seriously considering these, but not now. Even if you double-over the 48’ strand, the spacing is still 1.6’ between the bulbs, which is a lot of space. If you triple the strand, that’s one bulb every foot, but the strand is only 16’ long, and probably not easy or “neat” to hang up that way.

Well, I’d also be careful considering the last time I bough “new” Led lights from woot some were packaged like. a machine wound them, and others like someone took them down and wrapped them up and threw them in a box to return.

Possibly further deceptive photos: I’m pretty sure that this is a single color string that allows you to change all the colors together. There is a photo that seems to imply that you can do multi-color string changes, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

Wow. At first I thought my mistake, but then I saw that every photo has the lights doubled or tripled to look like more lights.

Thank you Raphael42. I also didn’t notice this since I own some string lights already and made the assumption there were more lights than just 15

Definitely look at the most recent Amazon reviews.

Issues with them failing in 2 months and someone did mention the oddity of having like only 15 bulbs. I could probably make the sparseness work for what I wanted, but not paying for bulbs that have the propensity to last just 2 months.