Yee haw! Monkeys rock!


condition: Flung
product(s): 1 Black Woot Tee (4460)


awhhh please no more monkeys


woot and it’s love for monkies. they look intimidating… :slight_smile:




what kind of condition is “flung”? Isn’t that the past tense of one of your deal-a-day competitors?


Love the title, not so much the shirt. The shirt lacks the amateur hilarity which made the movie of the same title so great/bad

Yay saving money!


Now if they were in tuxedos that would make it monkey suit madness.


Has anybody successfully contacted woot? I ordered the “Creative Thought Process” shirt a couple weeks ago and they sent me the wrong size. I’ve emailed them a couple times over the past week and a half but they haven’t got back to me. I really wanted that shirt.


friggin’ love monkeys
can’t resist this one


Monkey Mafia == win


Cute… but not my style. Love the art though =)


Woot Monkeys always = $$ spent


I haven’t. I ordered two of the Chicago Skyline shirts, and Woot! sent me some other shirts. That was in October. They still haven’t gotten back to me. -_-


would buy it if it wasn’t black. why black? bleargh.


I think the “flung” refers to the monkeys flinging poop like they do in zoos.


That happened to me once & I emailed them about their error. Got a reply about 2 or 3 days later telling me they were shipping the correct size. I got to keep the other shirt too. Maybe they just don’t like you. :slight_smile:


C’mon, woot, the designer is from Asheville. Asheville, not Ashville. It’s the only big city us mountain folk got, at least get the name right.


Bought one for the Human Evolution Teacher at my school, he has a collection of money shirts. Nice Shirt Woot