MOTA Classic Train Set w/ Smoke & Sounds

I love that the “recommended age” is 14+, yet the kids in the advertisements are 4-8. Good times.

I find it hard to get all of the train sections placed on the track together and connected. Because of this, I have not seen my complete train make it around the track without falling off or being drug. It looks good under the tree though!
Overall, I would classify it as cheap, which the price reflects.

I’m surprised by this, I’ve have had zero problems and thought the track was actually quite easy to put together. As long as you have a level floor there is no reason there should be any difficulty in getting this to work correctly…the track pieces fit together perfectly. It’s also pretty durable especially for the price. My son has picked it up and dropped it on the floor several times and it’s still working. Can’t ask for much more at this price point.