Motorola Moto G7 Power (GSM Unlocked)(New)

I just picked this up on the mothership for $194.72. Price just keeps dropping and dropping on Amazon for some reason. Never seen that before.

Back on topic, if this is selling for ~$200 on the main site, how can Woot offer a ‘deal’ at $200+ taxes and shipping?
I’ve been really disappointed in you guys recently

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Has anyone noticed this besideds me???
How is this a [Motorola Moto G7 Power (GSM Unlocked)(New) 64 gb g7 power when they only make it in 32gb is this the regular g7 that is 64 gb???
i hope i got 64 as advertised plz…

I do not see anywhere on Motorola website saying they make a Motorola 64gb g7 power ( They do however have and claim a Motorola g7 power 32gb marine blue they all state and claim to be 32gb phones not 64gb g7 power.
The only 64 gb is the motorola g7 and that does not come in marine blue, it only comes in ceramic black, or clear white?? ( So that means this motorola g7 power is not 64gb, they make it in 32 gb only and the color they make it in is marine blue.)
So what did I really buy??? Since the description seems to be inacurate??

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it’s not listed on Motorola’s site as 64 GB as by default one goes to their US site (if you are US base) and there no version Motorola sells in the US that is 64 GB (This phone is a international model that being sold in the US as a Grey market phone (3rd party buys from another country and resells in the US)
It’s not illegal to do so but it when done it usually kills any warranty claim that may come up (as the OEM will not deal with 2nd owner and the phone is not in it’s sold market)

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Looks like there are 7 third-party sellers offering this through Amazon fulfillment (Prime). When someone clicks “add to cart” the cheapest one will go in their cart. This incentivizes people to lower their price to move their inventory faster. Alternatively, you can match the lowest price and Amazon will give priority to a random person. Although there are exceptions where some people get special preferences. If you are selling for $150 without prime and someone is selling it for $200 with prime, it will add the $200 to your cart instead.

Amazon also prices things with an algorithm, so their prices can fluctuate. I paid $218 for these boots by wishlisting and just waiting for the price to drop.

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I purchased a 64gig 4mb RAM dual SIM G7 Power about a month ago from a company in Florida. To begin with I LOVE THIS PHONE. To me this is definitely not a US phone but appears to be the international version. One thing that is different is it has 64gb storage and 4mb of RAM, this option is not available from Motorola in the US.

The battery and thus the usability is fantastic. At the end of the day with heavy usage, I still have about 65% battery left. That was the main reason I bought the phone. I paid about $230 including tax and shipping. This is a bargain.

One caution I have not seen elsewhere is the phone’s WiFi only connects to the 2.5ghz band and does not show or connect to the 5ghz wireless routers. This is ok with me and I was willing to give up the 5ghz band given all of the other benefits of the phone.

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Yeah. Specs are beast. Is like 10x better than the original moto G I paid $200 for 4/5 years ago.

It took forever to get here. Seems legit. 19% of the HD is taken by system and pre-installed apps. Comes with a cheap clear case on it.

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:frowning: :frowning: Got the phone - seems all good EXCEPT THAT all our WORK WIFI network connections do not show. So I have to go ask our IT guys to change the network for me?? Now I see the comment on 5Ghz vs. 2.4 Ghz.

When you have a problem, try restarting the phone. It worked twice for me so far.

The Woot description says: “The G7 Power is a US variant. The G7 Power’s LTE radio is tuned to frequencies that are most often used in the United States and North America.”

It is not- the description is an outright lie. It is the Latin American model (XT1955-2). All the documentation is in Spanish, it’s missing bands required for the US market, and even basic features like 5GHz WiFi are not supported. This is getting sent right back.

I’ve used Woot since it first started many years ago (long before Amazon bought them). I’m now reevaluating whether to ever use them again after this fiasco.

I am not having an problems with internet. But my texts usually show up 30-60 minutes late. Unfortunately I paid for 3 months of service :slight_smile:

I need to research it.