Mounting Dream 26-55" TV Wall Mount

Mounting Dream 26-55" TV Wall Mount

Does this include the hardware to mount the TV to the bracket? i.e. the bolts/washers?

Well, features say this:

* Easy installation with decent instruction and all included hardware in pre-labeled bags. +/-3° post-installation adjustment allows perfect TV leveling. Comes with Velcro cable ties and bubble level as gifts. Concrete anchors will be sent per request

I also found this in the Q&A on Amazon:

The Mounting Dream packages include a various variety of hardware for TV and wall installation which should be able to complete the installation.

Sounds like you would be good to go.

This is one of the best TV mounts on the market, recommended by most independent installers. The price is great too, about $10 cheaper than comparable AmazonBasics mount. In for one.