Moxie Pumpkin-Shaped Outdoor Trampoline

Moxie Pumpkin-Shaped Outdoor Trampoline

If you are thinking about buying a trampoline, absolutely the first thing you should do is call your insurance company - make sure whether their policy is to CANCEL your homeowner’s insurance if you HAVE a trampoline. I’m serious (happened to me & it depends where you live).

Google “trampoline insurance” (sorry, Woot! but this is a real consequence to consider).

If they WILL cut you off, and you’ve already placed an order, you should maybe discuss canceling your order with the-powers-that-be here…


How would they even find out?

In the event of any damage or injury claim an inspector will come out. In a lot of cases if there is any change in your coverage they’ll have you sign a form which, buried deep down, may say something about “attractive nuisances” (diving boards, trampolines, some kinds of swing sets [different in different states]). They don’t have to have a reason (or permission) to stop by, and a trampoline is difficult to disguise…

Yeah, I guess I would not allow others to use it and I would not report tramp injuries to home insurance.