Muk Luks Terra Turf Sandals

Nice Angular Triton.

Does anyone know if these give good arch support like birkenstocks?

Good Reviews at amazon (4.2 and 4.3 stars):
Duo Strap

Sounds like a good deal. In for 1.

My “orange” ones didn’t come in looking anything like the color on the web. They are more flesh colored than orange; disappointing. But they are very comfortable.

If you haven’t already, email into with photos of the shoe you ended up getting, I know we’d at the very least love to see to correct future sales!

I bought the duo strap (in grey) the last time they were offered and I have them on my feet right now. There is arch support, but it is not extreme. I can’t remember how much arch support there is in the similar Birkenstock model (it’s been years), so I can’t compare.

I have the duostrap in grey and they are on my feet right now. I wear them almost constantly. The actual color matches the photo. I would say that for the price, these shoes are an amazing value. The footbed is stiff cork with a rubber sole; the sole is showing wear already, however, and 90% of the time I’ve worn them, I’ve been inside on carpeted floors. (I’ve only had them a short few weeks - since the last time they were offered here on woot - BUT I wear them a LOT.) The sole does have a little “give,” but not a lot. I do absolutely love these shoes and they were $12!!! The straps are lined with a soft material that makes them quite comfortable. The toe “grip” is not big or high, so less chance for blisters. The footbed is a suede-type leather and there is a little bit of foam under the footbed at the heel; this flattened out almost immediately after wearing them; it’s really an unnecessary feature anyway. There is a bit of arch support. The upper is suede and still looks great. They appear to be very well-made. I wear a solid size 8 and these shoes fit perfectly. Gotta go now and buy another pair (or two)!

How does the size run on the thong version? They come in whole sizes, but I’m a 9.5. Should I go for a 9 or a 10?

In Amazon review:
“I would love them if they were offered in half sizes. I got the size smaller because that’s what the sizing chart indicated, but they just fit.” So I’d go with 10 if I were you.

Support for high arches is so hard to find >.< Guess I should stick with just trying sandals on in the stores.

Mine too. Super cute, but not orange.

When are you bringing these back??