My Canada shirt no longer showing here? is no longer associated with my username ( and no longer shows up in searches for Canada in shirt search.
Anyone know why/how that would happen?

Once it is done, as in the week long side sale is over. It can take a month+ sometimes to show up in your catalog. Ochopika gots lots on her plate, we all gotta be patient. It will appear eventually.
It will be there while it is running in the sale, but placing it in your catalog is a different process… Mayhaps a manual one.

Just giving this a bump because other side-sales have made it into the catalog since. No rush, but just a reminder that that this entire sale still needs to be entered once the holiday madness has abated a bit.

Thanks shirt.woot <3

Also I have not yet received the payment that was due on the 15th. Anybody else had theirs yet? I don’t know who to ask. I was told “I should be all good to receive it” but “should” unfortunately does not help when I’m trying to keep track of finances, especially at this time of year. Any help? I wish there was someone dedicated to answer these kinds of questions employed by woot. I also ordered two of my own shirts as Christmas presents for my little nephews who were very excited… I got an automated email back a few days ago saying “oops here’s a $5 voucher, your order was cancelled due to a blank shirt shortage.” I have no human explanation to tell me if this is an email sent in error, when I can expect the gifts, should I order again, when?, the order still says “currently shipping”. Also I used my artist coupon, which means that is now expired. As a new customer and artist here at woot I really really wish there was someone I could ask these questions without having to wait weeks so that I could plan things a little better. I understand there is one employee at the moment, and she could do with some help around here Woot ;). I really think they should employ a second person to deal with all these customer/artist queries. :see_no_evil:(<- this is a monkey emoji, covering his eyes)

That’s a lot of stuff.

  1. I recall a conversation with Mike D. (no longer here) about first payment, basically, is delayed by a month. Kinda sorta. It has to do with that you get paid the month after it sells, but if it falls after the 15th it bleeds over. So it feels like 2. Ocho might be able to provide a better explanation, but I had the same issue with my first sale.

  2. For everything else, contact customer service. I had the same cancellation issues and got them all straightened out. If the order you were notified about says ‘Preparing for Shipment’, it’s been cancelled. In your communication to them, first state the order number(s) and confirm cancellation. Also tell them you used that coupon and need it to be re-instated ($25) so you can replace the order at the original cost.

What your experiencing (certainly complicated by the blank shortage) is not that unusual, unfortunately. That said, payment has been pretty consistent for me outside of that first month. I’d wait until Jan 15 before you worry about payment, but definitely contact support to help with the order problems.

Hey, thanks for that. Yikes, I really hope that’s not the case with the first payment though, since I was told otherwise and kind of pencilled that into my finance schedule. Tiny Tim may have to go without his christmas dinner this year then! I also emailed support now about the order thanks, I think they are looking into it. I could always order larger sizes and wait for my nephews to grow into them! :slight_smile: I don’t understand why they are sold out when even shirts no longer in the top 20 are “printed to order” and mine is still active in the top 20? Hmm, oh well, I’m enjoying learning about how it all works here, and grateful for all the help. Also if you’re seeing this but not emails Ochopika, I just sent the changes requested for that photoshop file. :slight_smile:

Go to your shirt in the top 20. Select AA and see that many popular sizes become disabled. That’s the problem. They’re available to be sold, but not all styles/size combos are readily available.

I see what you mean now, those kids sizes are sold out for all shirts? Will they ever be back after the holiday? My nephews are happy to wait and I’ll wait for customer services to repond now, thanks. :slight_smile: