Nanna Nanna

That’s a lot of nannas.

It even has the right number of nannas! Awesome … if you remember the theme song of the original Batman TV series.

Very clever. Congrats on your first derby win! – and in first place too!

I’m just thinking of them as Aunt Harriet clones.

Superhero: Naked until …
Grandmother: made his outfit.

This shirt is awesome!

congrats on winning derby 138!

Well, uhm… yeah.
That’s the WHOLE point. ;;;???

No Doubt! And what a great artist as well! Such great caricatures! Yay!

when i first saw it i was thinking…how do they get ‘hey hey good bye’ there…

Congrats Transformingegg! Great design, a well-deserved win!


Why is everyone praising this “original thought” when it is not? This meme has been around for awhile.

This is the first time ever that the shirt I liked the very best WON the derby. Makes me feel like I’ve won too. :slight_smile:


Ka-POW! Awesome!

Awesome!! Congrats on the win!

I didn’t get it for a minute, but really clever! Good job!

That one needs a couple more nanas.

Never seen it spelled with 2 N’s. Usually Nana. Maybe I’m crazy crazy, I don’t know.