NAR Labs Whey Protein Isolate Blend (5 lb.)

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NAR Labs Whey Protein Isolate Blend (5 lb.)
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page and let’s learn all about Nar Labs

[MOD NOTE: Link is to different product]

That’s a different product.

I looked online and can’t find the supplement facts for this product, and the images don’t blow this information up enough to read.


This product is brand spanking new. And for what it is it’s a pretty good deal. You’re not going to do much better volume wise for $40, and it’s probably a great product that is being advertised at a loss.

Personally, this is not for me because it is not pure protein. I use a medley of other recovery products with my post workout protein that would conflict with this. Even as a quick drink when traveling, it would be troublesome because it does not have any clean carbs like waxy maize.

Can someone post a higher-resolution image of the back label?

Tempted, I’m not a body builder or anything (too lazy), but I do enjoy having a whey protein shake for breakfast in the morning on the days I work, because its quick and easy, and healthier than a lot of the things around me. I do go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, but mainly just focus on cardio and a little weights.

I typically just buy whatever is on sale at Meijers and call it good. This seems like its a little more high end then that stuff.

Heads up, this product’s label says isolate blend. Look at the ingredients. It’s concentrate with a dash of isolate. Aka… It’s mostly concentrate. This makes this not a deal. If this was actually isolate, it would be a killer deal. It’s not, so it’s not. It’s not a bad deal, just not really a deal at all. Don’t be fooled by the manufacturer’s deceptive product name.

Based on the ingredients, this protein looks like a perfect case of amino spiking…no way of knowing exactly how much whey protein you are going to receive…important to those of you keeping track of your macros…google amino acid spiking if you have not heard of this before

Plus it looks to be amino spiked to up the protein number…horrible deal IMO

I need to see the label details - ingredients, etc.

How can they sell a product like this without clearly displaying the ingredients and nutritional facts (The label blurs when zoomed in)? It’s like selling airline tickets without the seat number and flight destination.

Maybe this is why Costco dropped the price of ON Whey Isolate to $40/tub? Costco/ON tub is 4.6 lbs so a bit more expensive, for what you get.


Sorry all, the nutritional info has now been added to the specs tab.

If you want a low calorie (relatively) protein supplement, then maybe it matters if its isolate or not. Bottom line for me is Price/Gram of Protein. I don’t care how many calories it is and I don’t care how much faster isolate supposedly gets into the system. On a price/gram comparison this is pretty cheap.

So where are the curds?

I lift things up and put them down.

(you know you read it in a funny dumb muscle head voice)

Nutritionally speaking. It is right inline with Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard protein. Which is, pound for pound, the best protein powder on the market IMO. Tempting deal, just wish I could taste it before I buy it. Anyone have any experience with the chocolate flavor?