Neato Botvac 80 (Scratch & Dent)

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Neato Botvac 80 (Scratch & Dent)
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I really want to try one of these but the reviews on Amazon are mixed…seems all the folks experiencing problems, are 6 months in, so the 90 day w00t warranty will lapse before that time

Then too, those that have had trouble and not everyone does to be fair, but those with problems say, Neato will not do any stateside repairs, it’s replace only during the warranty period then after that if you have problems, go whistle

Say it ain’t so Joe

I had a Neato XV-21 from woot and after my experience I would not at all suggest anyone purchase one of these. They are neat and novelty products, but are not made to last. My XV-21 lasted just about 5 months before needing new batteries, and this is with maybe one weekly use. The new batteries didn’t seem to last very well either, and after about 2 months something with the control board screwed up and the bot wouldn’t run at all, just weird stuff on the screen. Tried replacing the screen controller, but after dropping $100+ on replacement parts it is not worth it.

All of this is without even touching on how often the bot gets stuck and doesn’t complete a cleaning cycle. It is supposed to return to the base to charge if it gets low during a cleaning, but it is more likely to get stuck on some little thing on the floor and never complete a cycle. If I have a robot cleaning up a few times a week, I don’t want to have to clean up before it can clean. It might work well for a single room or even a small space, but if you have even something small like a dog toy or blanket on the ground it will get stuck. Just save yourself the headache.

I have the xv signature pro. Cleans an entire floor and rarely gets stuck. Just don’t leave anything on the for you wouldn’t run over with your vacuum.

I have had 2 Neato vacs that I got from woot. Both worked well for a long time keeping our floors clean and all the dog hair picked up. I recently had 1 fail but I scavenged parts off of it before disposal. When i purchased mine they were $174. I have definitely got my money worth. I have only changed the filters on occasion. Once in a while, you will need to clean a sensor area with a Q-tip.

I had a botvac that was defective out of the box (side brush never spun) and the manufacturer replaced it with a d-series.

Mine has run every other day for over a year and has shown no signs of slowing down. YMMV.

If your not looking to shell out $400 for a new one, this is a reasonable risk to take. I’m thinking of picking one up for the upstairs. Hmmmm.

Future door stop.

Took me about 3 warranty returns of the 12 series and then a Botvac purchase/return from Costco to learn what utter crap these are. Engineering and quality control is the worse of the worse. 100’s of refurbs here, ebay, and Amazon should be a red flag.

Batteries are a huge issue with all Neato brand products!!

I’ve purchased 2 different Neato products (one from Woot, I believe) and both had terrible problems with the batteries. They stop holding a charge very very quickly, are expensive to replace, and immediately begin declining in performance again after replacement.

Contacting Neato customer care regarding this, even during warranty, will only net you a form email detailing how batteries are not part of the warranty and instructions for purchasing a $100 replacement set.

Until Neato figures out a better way to handle their battery life, you are better off skipping this deal.

Don’t do it! I’ve had 2 within a year. Neither worked longer than 6 months. Bought the second one thinking I just got a 1 off bad unit with the first one. Second one lasted 4 months. Neato won’t do anything except refer you to Funai for repair on your own if you are even 1 day out of the warranty period (90 days). I will admit they did a good job WHEN THEY WORKED. I’ve moved on to another brand and am very pleased.

In reading the reviews, I have to say that my experience has been mostly positive. I’ve had 5 of these refurbs, older models, racing around my 2 story house for 2 years now. One lost the text on the screen but still works like a champ. Another sometimes sees things that aren’t there. The kitchen/dining unit runs every day without fail! I have found that sometimes the battery connectors don’t make good contact. Bending the contacts in the connectors with a small screw driver fixes that. I bought a spare replacement battery but haven’t had to use it. 2 years and no battery failures. I’d say that’s pretty decent!

Mine lost functionality on the screen. It lights up but no words show on display so I don’t know what the error is and can’t press buttons to correct. I’ve pulled battery to reset to no avail. I want this to work-- so disappointing.

Can it play Super Mario World?

I have a Botvac 72 I got on Woot 2 years ago. Runs once per week on average. I just now replaced the battery. I’m debating picking this up for my upstairs. It’s even the higher model for way less than I paid for my 72. (I pain $379 for my 72.)

I purchased a new XV-21 from woot about two years ago with a rebate and it was replaced once under warranty because the sensors stopped working correctly. It gets stuck sometimes, but that’s only when we leave things on the floor or the cats knock something down. It runs every night and recharges mid cleaning to finish the first floor. I have no complaints and recommend them to everyone with pets. You just have to have some common sense associated with your expectations of what it can and can’t do.

My Neato refurb from a few years ago still had a dirty Q-Tip from the previous owner in it. And the battery was no good. One of the few returns ever to Woot.

Years ago I had an NV11 model. Actually, 4 of them, since 3 times I got “refurb’ed” warranty replacements. The second one worked great for about 6 months when the drive belt wore off many of the little ribs. Guess what, drive belt is not replaceable, they do not even sell the part. Third one was DOA, took a month and about 20 email exchanges for Neato to understand DOA. 4th was like the first, crazy navigation issues like pulling up to a wall and demanding “clear my path”. Why does it not turn right or left? Does it seriously expect me to tear down walls? Are they programmed this way? And sometimes it would stop and demand “clear my path” when there was nothing within 5 ft of it. When I complained that my 4th unit was constantly getting errors for no reason, Neat basically said no more, pound sand. Do yourself a favor and pass. I just bought an 800 series Roomba, my prior one being a 500 series from 2009 (still runs fine), these things have improved by leaps and bounds, this is my guy now. The 7 year old Roomba works better right now than my Neato ever did, even the best one of the 4.

Horrible item. Bought one and it malfunctioned within a month. Woot ignored us. Neato was basically abusive. 2nd one broke also.

Do not buy. Not reconditioned, just wiped down mine broke after six monrhs. All interior parts worm out. $35. to ship, $39. to evaluate, $159 to replace worn parts. Square trade argued over warrantee, and only returned what I paid, not money check about repair. I was out $74. with no vac. Buy a i robot. Much better deal. Square trade no longer will warranted as they break all the time. The code claims it ran over water. Mine was no where near water. Then it turned out that it was internally worn out. Do not buy. The company is very unfriendly and sells a shoddy product.

I’ve had about five of the XV-21’s over the past five years. I really like them - with two cats and two dogs, the Neato keeps our floors relatively hair free without manually vacuuming every day. It fills up the little dust bin every single day, so I can’t imagine what our floors would look like without our Neato running every day.

Now having said that…yes there are some downsides to these Neato vacs. They get hung up in stupid places on a regular basis. You’ll need to block off those places with the magnetic tape or just block them off with an obstacle. And they require cleaning out the brush regularly with all the hair that gets tangled up in it. The batteries last about a year - if you’re lucky.

What I do is just buy a new refurbished XV-21 every year from Woot, and then disassemble the old one and sell it for individual parts. I get roughly the same amount that the new one costs me so in essence I’m getting a new one every year for no cost.

If you’re willing to put up with the quirks, I recommend the XV-21. If you just want something that will work day in and day out with no intervention at all…well then the Neato vacs are not going to be your thing.

I was almost ready to pull the trigger on the new Neato Botvac but after reading some of the more negative reviews I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll stick with the XV-21 another year until the Botvacs get better.