Neato Robotics Vacuum Robot

This is a really good price on a very good robotic vacuum cleaner. This is the Neato Robotics XV-12, which is functionally identical to the Neato XV-11. Walmart sells the XV-11 for $330, so this is $30 off the best regular price available.

If you have any questions about the Neato XV-12, a good place to search is the Neato Robotics Message Board. Most likely, any questions you have have already been asked and answered there. Plus, there is a lot of information on how it compares to the Roomba and other robotic vacuums.

$599? Regular price at Target is $399 (xv-12 is the Target specific model).

Well, the name is corny, but cute. “Neato!” Does anyone have any recommendations for this brand vs. the Roomba? Or is it pretty much the same difference?

I bought my Neato (Ned) here on Woot a few months ago, and I previously owned a Roomba (Rosie). It might depend on specific needs, but for me, Ned is far superior. 1) We are a hairy family and we have furry pets. Hair/fur got all caught up in the Rosie’s brush and just clogged up the whole system. Ned sucks it all up into the dust bin. 2) Rosie could not “step up” from my hard wood up onto my thick rug. Ned can, and then continues on his merry way. 3) Rosie was sweet and all, but Ned is VERY polite. He thanks me when I clean out his dust bin, and when he runs out of power mid-clean, he politely informs me that he’s returning to his base to charge before he finishes his job. 4) Ned seems quieter than Rosie, but she is no longer around to compare, and I don’t want to speak ill of the dead RIP Rosie

There’s a third competitor in the robotic vacuum category - the Mint. It uses a GPS system to do a methodical cleaning.

I have both a Roomba (loud) and Mint (quiet) and they each have their +/- so I use them in different settings.

Now I feel obligated to grab a Neato just to round out the options.

Iv been waiting for a roomba to clean my house… I think I am in for one to see how this lil guy does…

I would stick with the Roomba. I had a roomba that broke after a few years so i bought one of these from here a couple of months ago. This things sounds like a damn Jet engine but does not pick up as well. Misses way too many spots and does not cover any corners and stays about half a foot away from walls so misses all that too. Next time i buy Roomba again.

I just bought a roomba, and had a few different ideas for what I wanted my robot vacuum to accomplish. I really thought long and hard on this one.

I wanted it to get Dog hair. That was the first and most important one. Everything else was secondary, but this was making our house nasty.
I read an online side by side of the Roomba pet edition and the neato from someone who had owned both, and he said that the Roomba pet edition picked up more hair due to it’s brush type, (ie not rubber) so that’s what I went for.

Outside of this, the neato is more money, but seems to have superior room scanning, meaning it isn’t random.
The Roomba actually works very well, but it relies on random passes, and the neato actually plots the room and makes sweeps back and forth.
This is also why the neato works faster, but, I’m never here when it’s running as I program the times, so it’s irrelevant. So the Roomba takes much longer.
This is also why the reviewer mentioned that the Roomba seemed to get more dust and hair, because it hit the same spots from multiple angles and not just a single sweep, and then done.

I ended up buying a 3 year warranty refurb Roomba 520, with the aerovac bin (the pet hair friendly attachment that makes the pet model the pet model) for 250 bux.
The neato is a little taller, and the roomba JUST fits under the edges of our kitchen cabinets. The neato wouldn’t be able to do this and get the edges under the overhang of the cabinets. Also the main bed in the master bedroom is too low for it. The Roomba fits, and goes in there and combats spiders and ants and stuff that I can’t even see while I’m not even here.

I use the hell out of it and our house looks very clean.

I bet the neato would do a similar job, but I can at least vouch that the roomba works. In my case the 520 with aerovac, and it works very well.

A couple of unknowns, but alarm bell type things that veered me away from the neato were reports of the neato missing lines of dirt on it’s single sweeps. Some said it overlapped too much and some said it overlapped too wide and actually missed strips.
The Roomba is quiet. Not whisper quiet, but you can sit on the sofa and read a book, or continue watching tv, etc. I hear the Neato is a lot louder.

Oh and one other thing that I didn’t really hear about while researching is that the exhaust port on the roomba kind of blasts corners with air as it turns away from them, sending dirt and hair out of the areas that neither of these things can actually get to, and it invariably ends up eating it at some point on another sweep of the same room.
Again, I don’t think the neato would do this is the same way as it hits the edges once, then sweeps back and forth.

I also only have hardwood floors, so cannot speak for it’s rug abilities. I’m told they’re both passable but not great.

I bought one of these a few months ago to compensate for my extreme laziness, and man does this thing suck, in a good way. I had purchased a Roomba from woot months earlier and found that it required an awful lot of maintenance. The Roomba’s batteries were dead within weeks. This guy is the answer to my prayers. Great battery life, it parks itself, scheduler, better capacity, sucks more (In a good way), and it cleans around me methodically. No more wondering what the hell my Roomba is thinking. With the help of Neato’s dirt sucker, I have achieved a new level of laziness. I am mere days away from actually growing into the couch…buy this…you will like it. Feed it snacks…it will like it. Plus, if your wife comes home to a clean house you get extra tickets to the boom-boom room.

Previous woot: May 13, same $299.99

april 8, same price:

February 1, same price:

and I’ll drag out my comments from WAAAAAAAAY back then:


Dann or anyone else can dig out more comments from these past woots.

I have had THREE Roombas. I had a black lab who recently died of old age;( so I really needed our hardwood floors to be cleaned daily since he was inside all day. All three Roombas sucked butt. They all broke one way or another and they weren’t picking up anything up but some dog hair off of hardwood floors. I will NEVER buy a Roomba again. 1 I bought and 2 were gifts so I don’'t feel too dumb but man I’ll never waste my money again!!

this ugly thing again? no woot, i wont buy a neato. i like my roomba.

I have had one of these since Nov of last year. Way, Way better than a roomba. I had one of them too. Don’t need virtual walls with this one. And it can do the whole house. Picks up better than a roomba as well. And hair doesn’t get in the gear box and burn it out like the roomba. Roomba needs to get off their butts and redesign their roomba. It’s been the same for years. They dont’ try to improve it’s design, just it’s looks.

I got this at Costco a few months ago. I have two Dyson canisters I got on Woot. They clean like crazy but Neato cleans better. The drawback is rugs and especially if they have fringe and any table with a crossbar too low for it to go under. Occasionally it gets stuck somewhere so you have to unstick it but the cleaning it does is unbelievableij I can run the Dynson, which cleans amazingly, and run the Neato after thta and have to empty the little bin two or three times before it covers its territory. I am very happy with mine. Oh, I have a heavy shedder dog, a standard poodle and two cats.

Former Roomba owner (owned three) and bought this once the Roombas died. I’ve been very happy with it. It’s a much more “intelligent” design and does one entire floor of our house where the Roomba could not. Also, as others have noted, much better if you have a lot of pet hair (we have a Newfie that sheds constantly).

I would recommend. Will eventually buy a second for the upstairs and one for the basement.

We bought this off of here a few months ago. Its terrible. Gets stuck constantly, can’t get over area rugs (and we don’t have unusually thick area rugs), dust bin fills up to quickly, it will bash into the kitchen cupboard toe kick 15 times in a row before deciding it can’t go that way. Biggest waste of money ever.

I have owned two Roomba (model #s escape me) and currently own this Neato purchaed from Woot the first time it was offered. We have pets and Neato wins hands down. Really not apples and apples. Here is a very good comparison along with videos and dirty photos.

Watch the video if you like, but the real discussion is what follows. Very comprehensive, down to weighing dust collected.

While I haven’t had good luck with roomba (in fact have had terrible luck) this thing has been working great for me. I have hardwood floors, and this thing is fast, with great coverage. I find that it does well close to walls. Also, the Roombas got stuck WAY more than this, and they also broke down WAY too much, including the batteries. Add iRobot crappy customer service and my Roombas ended up being more trouble than they were worth.

I bought this the last time it was offered on Woot and have used it every day since. Even my very doubtful husband has been extremely impressed with the low maintenance and great job it does. I have a large bird cage with three birds who toss their seeds and pellets and make a really big mess around their cage. Neato takes care of all of it. Today I am buying one for my daughter for Christmas. I cannot think of one negative thing to say about this great product.