Need help choosing a laptop

I’m looking to buy my 1st laptop which I will mostly use for email, facebook, web searches and photo storage. I really, really need advice. I’d like something that will last several years, costs no more than $600 or so and is not an Apple.I won’t be using it for work and will rarely travel with it. I probably will use it about 1-2 hours per day on average.

Howdy. This is a good place to get some ideas. You might also try Ask the Community on Deals.Woot. Those people love to answer questions and find good deals.


You’ll likely get better deals in the upcoming months as the new line of Intel processors (IvyBridge) is integrated into new laptops.

Sounds like all you really need is a tablet (email, facebook!) and an external hard drive to store pictures on.


If you like to play Facebook games they are slow on a tablet.

I have a laptop and an Asus transformer prime tablet. Love both but I wouldn’t want to go without the laptop. Its takes longer for me to type on the tablet

i just recently bought a refurbed Asus k series for $400. 2.4GHz Intel i5 processor(with a turbo boost thingy thing thing that can boost it up to 3.0), 4gb ram (paid $20 for another 4gb stick so it now has 8) 500 gb hard drive. 15.6in screen, etc etc. its been great so far. previously i beat the poo out of a $280 Asus Eee netbook for 3 years, you can get them pretty cheap still.