Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

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Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation
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Can buy one anytime at Amazon (the mother ship) for just $6 more.

Got one of the E models (nearly the same without the “farsight” feature) a few weeks back when they were on sale at Lowes with a free Google home mini. I liked the interface and how it could be programmed online. I didn’t like how it constantly read the internal temperature of the house 3-5 degrees hotter than it really was. As a result it ran the AC constantly until our house was 65 degrees (measured with multiple other thermometers and the previous thermostat) and still falling when it was 85 outside.

I called their support and they sent a replacement out overnight. It had the same issue. I ended up returning it to Lowes. A little research found multiple other people with similar issues. My guess is (though I can’t say for sure) it doesn’t like if the voltage provided by the furnace is higher than 24 volts (mine was about 30) even though every other thermostat out there can compensate for some variation.

I love these things so much after selling my house and moving into a rental temporarily I couldn’t make it a month before I bought two more to mount here. The only issues I have had is I couldn’t use Eco mode during the summer because our HVAC was inadequate to keep up if I let the temp move around. It would never recover to a comfortable temp (Not the thermostats fault). In this rental it seems to be doing well. Also had a storm take my first one out, so they do seem to be susceptible to even small surges. Nothing else in the house showed any sign of surge, but it was working before a fairly intense lighting storm and the main board went out after. Got a replacement main board and everything started working again.

That is interesting, I know you shouldn’t have to, but have you tried one of their remote temperature sensors and tell it to use it as it’s source? I would wonder if that would fix this issue. Also you could calculate the resistor your need and mount one in line and see if that helps. Used to grab them at RadioShack for dollars back in the 90’s, RIP RadioShack!

I’ve heard a similar problem- I just had HVAC installed from scratch in my house and they wouldn’t sell me a Nest Thermostat with my install- they said the Nest was incompatible with the furnace- and that they had had issues in the past. They gave me some Honeywell Pro thing. Honeywell probably isn’t storing data of when I want the house heated/cooled which they plan to sell to PG&E in 10 years unlike GoogNest…

You should investigate any local or regional rebates for which you might qualify. I was able to get a $75 instant rebate on a Nest E I bought locally.

I think the price is very good here, we have been a user of this 3rd gen just about 2 years, no issues so far. Recently added two sensors, just made turned out to be more advanced.