Nest Thermostat 2nd Generation T200577

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Nest Thermostat 2nd Generation T200577
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As far as I can tell, it’s a little cheaper on Amazon via

So, pretty poor deal from woot

Lots of great Home Depot Reviews

Tons of very good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at and check out the product page

I was seriously looking into getting one of these a few months back. The reason why I didn’t? It was not compatible with my wireless network. Make sure to check their website and or call them to verify. Mine was the 1% that will not work.

Why was it not compatible with your wireless network?

I have used the NEST 2.0 for over 3 years now and still loves it!

It has saved me a lot of electricity by recommending the optimal AC/Heating usage and automatically turns on away mode when no one is home and sends me a monthly energy email updates.

It can also receive updates through wifi with new features added throughout the years such as Sunblock; Nest will know when the sun is shining directly on it and adapt accordingly.

Most importantly being able to heat up or cool down my apartment to the perfect temperature from my iPhone or Android on the way home from work is amazing!

Still not completely decided on which wifi thermostat I want. I’m leaning towards the Honeywell Smart Wifi Thermostat. I like how it has the outdoor temp on the screen and it seems pretty straight forward to use. These do seem to get a lot of great reviews, though. I have read some Amazon reviews of the Honeywell and they said they preferred it over the Nest (having first tried the Nest).

Anybody have any info that might sway me either way?

You can get this for as low as $175 from the mother ship. Do your homework, Woot is rarely a decent deal anymore.

I would buy this at Home Depot and use their coupon match on the Harbor Freight 20% off.

Checked the Amazon listings and the sellers are the typical range of hit-miss independent dealers for around $175-180 shipped (tax exempt). Direct from Amazon is showing at MSRP $199 +tax still.

If you want it direct from Amazon (more or less) via Woot, it’s a few bucks delta due to the +$5 shipping with Woot, depending on your local tax rate.


You know the 3rd generation just came out, right?

Not speaking to the price, I’ve had the Nest for two months, and I love it. I realize the Ecobee has much more functionality, but I liked the Nest’s design, and would never need more than one location, and wanted it to work with Automatic in my car, and my Apple Watch.

Before I purchased it, to make sure it was compatible with my heat pump I sent a photo of the existing thermostat wiring to Nest, who replied promptly with a wiring diagram personalized for my heat pump, for the Nest. When it arrived, it was very simple to install, and the wifi set up went smoothly.

I didn’t try to program it- just did as suggested and set the thermostat to the temp I liked, at the time I wanted. I had significant drops in daily kWh for July and August. August 2014 was 53kwh, and 2015 was 39. (I live in Florida.)

I think it’s made me more conscious of saving by just turning the AC a degree or two warmer. It’s cool that it can adjust the temp in my home when Automatic in my car tells it I’ve left work, or arrived home. I’m pretty excited to see what I can do with it in the winter!

So- it’s very basic, very minimalistic, but it’s saving me a LOT of energy, and I’m very pleased with it.

I have a honeywell and it works well. We have the one with the remote and that is a nice feature.

Plus it’s not part of the Google empire so there aren’t more datapoints to target ads at me.

As somebody who knows a thing or three about this thermostat I can say there are very few wireless routers with which it won’t work.

If you call the tech support line you can talk to people I know, who also know a thing or three about this thermostat…

Which is why the Gen2 is on sale now. It’ll keep you comfortable and lower your energy bill just fine.

Gen3 is slightly slimmer on the wall and has two new features that don’t affect base functionality. Those two new features may be worth an additional $70 if you’re the sort who just has to have the latest and greatest mobile phone accessory.

I just did some research on this and went with the ecobee3. I could not be happier with the ecobee. The advantage it has is that is uses remote sensors to know it a certain part of the home is occupied, and eventually uses this information to optimize energy use.

I can be the curmudgeon. We have two of these. The board (used to connect the Nest to the wires) on one of them went bad (replaced by Nest, but cost a bit for someone to diagnose). If you’re home a lot, the Nest doesn’t do much. In fact, I find I manually turn it off (in New England, where it’s hot one day and not the next) more than I use its own features. For instance, last night, it started running when it was cool enough to open the windows, so I turned it off.

We’ve used the feature of being able to connect to Nests a few times…in over two years. And that’s only when we remember. And usually, you can return from vacation and just turn the system on; it’s not a big deal. Furthermore, we mainly just turn the systems off and don’t use the “away” feature.

I immediately delete the emails they send me telling me how much people have saved using Nest. Why? Because there’s no way for them to know that data. For one, my house is different from every other house. My house faces a different orientation, has a different construction, no trees around (unusual for a lot of New England), etc. Even on the street I live, the houses range from smaller (say 2,000 square feet or less) to huge (over 5,000 square feet). Mine’s in the middle. What comparison between my house and other houses can be made.

We bought these for $500. I personally would just buy two $50 programmable thermostats and saved $450.

I got the nest last year when my AC unit died. I think its a great device, but really any wirelessly controllable thermostat would be have been an upgrade. I now have a heat pump with boiler/hydronic backup for when it gets too cold for the heat pump to be effective. Nest handles this set-up just fine and I am able to adjust the temperature switch-over on the fly as I learn where the heat pump starts to have problems. I dont think the unit itself shows outdoor temp, but it does on the the iphone app.