NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 WiFi Router

NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 WiFi Router

Call me Nighthawk!

I’m going to assume this is the same one they are selling on the site, which is actually the V2 version? Is there any way to confirm this is the V1 Broadcom version?

Yeah, there’s some issue with Intel chips but I’m not nerdy/geeky enough to know whats up with all that horse hockey

I bought this router from the mothership last summer. It’s powerful enough to cover my two story, 2400SF house from the basement. No complaints.

As far as the version, I’m pretty sure I’m running v2 hardware. With The v1 Broadcom chip, you could run third party firmware that would give you more tweaking options and such, if you’re into that kinda thing. I am nerdy/geeky enough to know the difference, but grounded enough not to care. It does what I want it to do out of the box.

I grudging admit that this has been a decent router. I’ve had some issues with connections and needing to reset, but the latest firmware is pretty solid and seems to have solved those issues. I too wanted a V1 when I ordered it from Amazon for $80 or so, but it’s a fine router even as a V2 and makes it hard to justify, at the moment, upgrading to something more powerful.

For example:
I just did a quick speedtest on the regular wifi network (non-5ghz), and it gave me a 80 Mbps down/96 Mbps upload. For the 5ghz, it’s giving me about 248 Mbps down and 485 Mbps up. (I do have Verizon FIOS gigabit internet FYI.) There are routers that will beat that, and I’m not sure why the download is less than the upload - but that’s a lot better than the old Airport Express or Quantum Gateway through Verizon.

The router was also an upgrade range-wise over the old ones, as I was having trouble with Homekit devices staying connected and getting my smart TV stuff going. Now, none of those issues… for the most part.

So, yeah, this is a solid router if you aren’t in the AC wifi world yet.

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