New Designs: Fall and Octoberfest

Need the Design Sizes for the two fox shirts. Glad to see both of them in the side sale, but… that info isn’t there yet.

I feel like Walmazan made that beer shirt for me. Thanks! <3

I wish these were quick ship as well.

Elixir of Life design is brilliant. Definitely in for 1.

Yes! Thanks for printing my design. :slight_smile: Here’s a bigger version if anyone wants to see a close up of the text.

EXCELLENT mix of designs- The HM side-sales produce some of my favorite things!

Huddle would be awesome as a long sleeve tee. Well, all of them would be, since it’s fall… I miss long sleeve tees!!

Same here. I just put away the summer clothes and brought out the winter stuff, and I am woefully short on long-sleeved tees.

How come Feathers and Leaves isn’t here? It scored higher than Falling in Leaves, and I really, really, really want it.

We’re not putting the design sizes and pantones up in the side sales as often. It’s an extra step that takes time when I’m smothered with production files… like so many Autumn leaves… sigh

Travis figured that no one cares about them anyway, but apparently YOU do. O_O

Fox Ness Monster:
3X - M, WXL-WL: 14”x6.11”
S, WM-WS, K12 - K4: 9”x3.93"

Falling in Leaves:
3X - M, WXL-WL: 14.5”x17.70”
S, WM-WS, K12 - K8: 11”x13.43”
K6 - K4: 8.18”x10"

If a lot of people need the sizes of the designs on the shirt then I’ll try and post them in future side sales if there’s time ^_^.

That one was really awesome, but unfortunately it wasn’t printable. We can do simulated process printing sometimes, but derby entries need to be able to be screen-printed. That means 6 spot colors and halftones instead of gradients. The guidelines are on the derby submission page. I think I’ll write up a print file tutorial soon and post it here if that’ll help.

Thanks Ochopika. I’ll have to buy a Medium for Fox Ness, sadly. Way way too much of a sizing difference between Small and Medium.

But I’m happy I can get a Small on the Falling in Leaves shirt! :smiley:

I will tell ya, if you would do away with the K4/K6 stuff and make that size completely digital, then I wouldn’t have to worry anymore. Anything with two design sizes (meaning a 9" width design for Men’s Smalls) will be unsatisfactory to me as a long-time Wooter. But any design with three design sizes means the Men’s Small will be 10+" in width and at least not be dinky looking.

In any case, thank you again for providing the information.

One more question, since I’m in no hurry to place the order (yay, sidesale?) - If I were to get overnight, what day would they be guaranteed by? I would need them by Oct. 22nd to justify it.

We make two or three screens depending on the design. I give the full-screen, big designs 3 sizes so that the smalls don’t look dinky. Production doesn’t want to make three screens if there’s only a 1" or 2" difference between the “large” and “medium” screens, so in those cases we make only two.
As for the shipping stuff, it says they’ll ship on or after 10/24, so you can’t get them by the 22nd. >_<

Good info, though with 5" difference in width for Fox Ness Monster, that’s pretty significant.

Well yeah, that’s the thing. It’s about the width, not the total size of the design. Fox Ness is a wiiiide design, same for Fall Fox Fun. And let’s not even bring up the disaster that was To Boldly Fall (which WAS a ‘full-screen’ print).

You go from this glorious 14" width down to 9", and it’s saddening and frustrating! I know that the 9" is a limitation belonging specifically to the K4/K6 print area, so I understand why the two design sizes are currently being made as ‘9"’ designs, but you are essentially setting up a screen print that changes the rules for a dozen or less customers in most cases.

And ‘an inch or two’ can make a huge huge difference. In both cases mentioned, Fox Ness and Fall Fox Fun, a design size directly inbetween would be 11.5". That’s a 2.5" median point. Fox Ness has a lot of really nice details in the fur and the leaves. Fall Fox Fun has a LOT going on in the design. Even if a design is short vertically, many designs really need those few extra inches when you’re talking about a shirt that’s on the body of someone 5’ or more.

Please think on this. Woot used to have such gloriously large designs, even when I first switched to wearing Smalls. Now I always have to make sure to check, and have been forced now on 3 occasions to purchase a Medium shirt, which I really don’t want, in order to have a shirt that looks right. Any shirt that’s had a ‘medium’ design size option, however, has been one that I’ve been happy with.

In any case, thank you for answering the shipping question so quickly. I missed the part at the very bottom, apparently. :slight_smile:

Edit: I want to add that Byte was completely unsatisfactory as a Small. I contacted customer support on that one to request a refund. I then purchased a Medium, which I really wasn’t happy with either, but it was the more acceptable of the two. And that design only had a sizing difference of 3.5" Here we have two shirts that I really like, both with a drastic 5" design size difference. And both could probably even stand to be wider than 14" given what type of designs they are.

Have to agree when it’s 40 degrees if huddle were on a sweatshirt I would have bought it in a heartbeat!!

I’ll see what I can do, y’alls.

edit Mmk. The large screen size is approximately 18x20", though I’ve been told by production not to go over 16.5" wide. The medium-sized screen used for the guy’s small is maximum 11.5" wide. The smallest is 9"x10". Falling in Leaves is printed the largest possible size for all shirt sizes, and it’ll look great. We can’t ENLARGE artists’ designs without losing quality. Fox Ness Monster was determined by production to not need three screens. I’m new but it was just pointed out to me that this has all been discussed before on the forums so this is all I think I can effectively say on the subject. O_O

Prepare to hear more ranting from Tobias, then … :tongue:

My rants are usually (still) about the blanks …

Edits this in the top Mmmhm. I definitely noticed that line, and disagree with it on a few levels. Nice timing on your post, btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, this topic has come up a few times, though you’ve said more than anyone else has. I still thing that “determined by production to not need three screens” is arbitrary and is something I disagree with. The same goes for Fall Fox Fun.

Essentially, these ‘production’ people are not artists, they are not designers, they are number-pushers who make arbitrary decisions without considering anything but their little bubble of facts. Or at least, that’s the impression I continue to get.

It’s appreciated that you’re willing to take the time to share and talk about it. I hope you can at least explain to them how important it is for an artist’s design to be well-represented on a shirt. If they specify pantones, to try to get as close to that as possible. If they want a design large or small, to try to match that. This is their business in the same sense it’s Woot’s business.

I will continue to be disappointed by any designs I like that are deemed to not need three design sizes, because I was here at Woot before the Kids’ Sizes ruined everything :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got many great looking Small shirts, but after several learning experiences, I’ve found that I am extremely unhappy with any Men’s Small that only had two design sizes ascribed to it. Every design I looked back over and felt “this is painfully small and pathetic” was researched to be a two-design-size shirt.

I still think that K4/K6 should be digitally printed. The amount sold on such shirts are minor, and the amount of time the child will be wearing a shirt compared to myself who has stopped growing is negligible. I need shirts to last 10 years, a kid needs it for 1-2 years tops. It just seems like the better business decision if you’re going for penny-penching, heh.

Falling in Leaves must be capped vertically. But it’s good to know you’re pushing that one to be large. I still think that designs like Fox Ness and Fall Fox Fun deserve to be as large as possible, as well. It’s a matter of having a consistent style of print, and as someone who buy’s a Men’s Small, it’s currently a crapshoot with you guys. :<

Edit: Previous discussion link, if you’re curious Ochopika.

Arguments beat to death on other threads aside… (seriously, we get it already. :wink: )

What happened to the full picture preview on Ancient Guardians? It seems others in the sale have them, but of course the one I’m considering doesn’t! LOL Can someone check on that?