(NEW) Motorola One 5G Ace 2021 (64GB)

(NEW) Motorola One 5G Ace 2021 (64GB)

Possibly the best android phone you can buy - for the money.

Great phone, covers all bases well. But heavy, and tends to lag when bogged down with apps/processes.

Had mine for about 2 years, and still give it a B/B+.


I see this is the 4GB ram/64GB space model. Is it stuck at Android 10 update Dec 1 2020 QZK30.Q4-40-55 (yet the phone is a 2021 model)? I thought the Motorola One 5G Ace 2021 was supposed to get at least Android 11? When I run updates on it, it says that it is fully updated with the above mentioned version.

As of right now, it looks like there’s not an update.

Thanks for the info. I figured it would not get 12 or 13, but in that article it says “The current OS upgrade to Android 11 will be the last update for the Motorola One 5G Ace”. When I try to update, it says android 10 patch dec 2020 is the latest. That said, it looks like it needs a sim installed before it will perform any update (I was thinking I could get it fully updated to the latest android version before having to add a sim/accounts/etc). Now it is running through LOTS of updates!