NFL Throws

I bought one of these last time. Look closely at the picture before you order. The color on these is blotchy with spots of no color at all. (looks like bleach spots) I don’t know if this is on purpose or if they are seconds or defects. For the money they’re okay, but again, look closely at the picture so you know what to expect

Where in the heLL are the SUPERBOWL CHAMPION Seattle Seahawks? LAME!

We bought the Bills one and it has red spots all over it. We dubbed it the “Bloody Bills Throw” and gave it to the cats.

It’s ok… Seattle does not want to be associated with the quality of these throws. These are second hand throws that do not represent the quality of the 12th man.


Dare i make a tasteless joke about the Raven’s throw?


Mine ended up being the same. Red spots all over. I didn’t look at it until the person who I gifted it to opened it. Luckily they found it humorous.