Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System

Check out this review over at Cnet

Comments from a previous offer

don’t you get all the accessory’s with this that the original came with? Doesn’t list them ? :0( how come? this should be the original pkg! Not even the cookbook. come on Woot!!!

Uhhh… ThunderThighs it’s been eight months to research this. Any info?

That said, this thing rocks with the right recipes (see 12/30/14 thread linked above)

That’s only $10 cheaper then a new one on Amazon… Not such a great deal for a factory reconditioned product.

[MOD: + $22 shipping. Condition: "The condition would be new, but because we opened it to test the device, I considered it to be “Used:Like new.”]

The ones for $79 on Amazon are also refurbished. New it is $229.

What’s listed is what we know it comes with. Anything else, is gravy. :slight_smile:

What’s the risk that I want to cook a meal with this ninja and at the last minute, it disappears into smoke?

I bought one in a previous woot! I love it. It is especially useful when a recipe calls for browning meat ahead of slow cooking since it can be done in the Ninja. Less clean up. It cooks great, but a little hotter than most slow cookers so try it out when you are at home first. It would be bad to get home after a long day at work to find your dinner is burned.

TXAG96’s wife: “Hey, that’s some tasty chicken. Thanks for cooking dinner tonight. What’s this? Is that a bone? No! I think I just bit into a throwing star! What the…”

TXAG96 then wakes from his nightmare.

Then you weren’t hungry. That’s what my mom probably would have said.

It seems to me that this one (mc702), without the accessories is equivalent to the one they sell (new) at Walmart (mc700) for $99 (free shipping).

I got this last time and it’s amazing. It seriously cuts down on the number of dishes – you can brown/braise/slow cook your food in one pot. The nonstick surface is really good for making eggs.