Ninja BL660 Professional Blender

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For someone who has a Ninja Master Prep Professional (and loves it!), what, if anything, does this do that the Master Prep Pro does not?

In other words, I’m quite willing to be talked into this. :slight_smile:

Check out these great reviews over at and


Refurbished computer, sure no problem, but refurbished blender? Will the blades still be sharp as a brand new one?

I literally just bought a this exact model refurbished off of Newegg for $80, It was packaged so nicely I though it was new. Not a mark on anything in the whole box. Blades are incredibly sharp, if the refurbed part is the issue, it isn’t an issue. Good blender, great price.

America’s Test Kitchen (Cook’s Illustrated) did a review of blenders a few years back. One of those machines was the Ninja NJ600 which is very similar to BL660 here today. ATK did give the version they tested a “recommended, with reservations” rating which, given how many other blenders failed to even complete the tests is actually pretty good. See that review here:

There’s a companion YouTube video to that written review:


As I said, the Ninja they reviewed is not the same model, but in terms of power, blade layout, shape and so on, it’s very similar and I expect the performance would also tend to follow suit.

Thanks, great video comparison! However, the two recommended models were from Vitamix and Breville. The refurb Breville can be had for $126 online.

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Ninja BL660 Professional Blender
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We have a similar Ninja model. It is a kick ass blender. Toss in ice cubes, a whole red pepper, nuts, whatever, and it will reduce them to a smooth liquid just like that. We’ve had ours a year or more with heavy use and no issues.

The important question. Will it blend Chuck Norris?

Check the linked written review at Cooks Illustrated, not just the video. The Ninja model they tested also made the recommendations, it just wasn’t in the top two. Also, this Ninja on sale here is still 40 percent less money than the refurb Breville you mention at 126 bucks.

“This 1,000-watt blender, with a central shaft bearing three sets of food processor–like blades, crushed ice in seven seconds. Unfortunately, it left margaritas crunchy and couldn’t fully break down tough, fibrous kale.”

It just depends on what you want to use it for. For me I don’t know how many kale smoothie parties I plan on having in the future anyway.

Worked great for 3 months! It was refurbished! Now junk!

Hmmmm… I have a Ninja Master Prep and a Cuisinart rip-off of a Magic Bullet. I don’t need this, but it could be handy to get rid of the other two and replace them with this one.

I bought one in the Beyond section of a Bed and Bath store- i won’t say which one.
The locking mechanism of the lid is a bit delicate. Most of the returns that the store got were because the latch broke or the top wouldn’t fit nicely in the carafe.
It does a great job, though if you make smoothies, they don’t get as smooth as the $400 blenders do.

I bought the Ninja kitchen system just over 2 years ago in a store for $115 I think. We use it almost every single day and I love it.

**Two negatives: **A plastic piece of the top latch snapped off, so the little spout lid isn’t secure, but it’s not really an issue.

Also, at one point the blades weren’t sitting correctly and it took huge gashes out of the side of the container.

Both of these issues were user error, and they don’t really affect anything.

Two things I love: the blades are SHARP (be very careful cleaning),and the power of the blender. I was skeptical since it was an As Seen On TV product, but this thing can handle anything.

I have Ninja products and so like them, but I smile when I see the term “professional” used.

Doesn’t “professional” mean you can earn a living using it, or it is used in restaurants, etc?

Leave it to Woot to list something that I bought new not even two weeks ago. Bah.

This blender is worlds beyond the fifty-dollar blenders you might pick up at Wal-Mart. Also the blades are wicked sharp. Sliced my hand open twice while unpacking the thing. Time from box open to first cut: 45 seconds. Be careful!

Have one of these. Yes, the latch is finicky, but it chews up everything: ice, veggies, frozen fruit, probably industrial waste and Jimmy Hoffa. This is one of those As seen on TV products that absolutely is as good as they say.