NINJA CF097 Coffee Bar Programmable Coffee Maker

NINJA CF097 Coffee Bar Programmable Coffee Maker

Very interested in this. Any info on how it was refurbished to avoid problems noted in the reviews?

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I just made a half-carafe on mine. Works great, but the thermal carafe won’t keep coffee hot and it’s diff to pour from.

Picture shows a steel carafe, specs list glass. Which is it?

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Great question! I had two of these and both had issues. 1st lasted about a year and I thought by then, Ninja would have fixed the problem so I bought a second one since I loved the unit. Wrong - same thing within a few months.

As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

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Mine purchased from Kohl’s came with a glass carafe.

I have two. Both refurbished. LOVE love the frother! I run it through the clean cycle with vinegar when the “Clean” light comes on. Been over a year, daily use, no problems with either.
Had to use Ninja Customer Service for their blender. They were super easy to work with. Happy with all my Ninja products.

I’m drinking coffee made by one of these now. 79.99 is a great price if you assume the unit is in good working order, which I don’t think is a given. I’ve had two units. I had a warranty replacement because the first one overserved, causing overflows. The 2nd unit has a similar issue with overserving, but not to the point of causing overflows. I mitigate the issue by choosing “Rich” brew, which seems to be nothing more than a slightly smaller cup of coffee than the “Classic” brew.

I’m not convinced that the “Cafe Forte” or “Specialty” buttons do anything else but serve a smaller serving of coffee with the same grind saturation and drip technique as the other settings.

Frother works great. Carafe keeps the coffee warm for an acceptable amount of time. Ninja also sells a recipe book that shows you a few different interesting brews to make with their system. After a while I returned to just having my normal coffee.

It’s a good system as long as you are not expecting it to be a Nespresso or an Espresso machine. I like being able to make single cups without pods, too.

The cf097 is suppose to come with a stainless steel thermal carafe but glass is listed. Confusing enough to pass on

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I got one of these new as a wedding present. As the only coffee drinker in the house, this is the best machine at making a single cup or tumbler I’ve found. It also does a full or half pot well.

I purposely got the thermal carafe because I don’t like having coffee on a hot burner (so if you need a hot plate keep looking). If you prime the thermal carafe with hot water while the machine preheats then it will stay hot for a very long time.

Had mine 3 years with no problem. Favorite feature is that the filter, and the basket it sits in comes out easily for cleaning so I do it every time.

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I have bought several refurbs as gifts for people. Some have been fine and some have needed work. I love all things ninja but it is true their products can have bugs and be fussy. We have a lot of deposits (calcium) in our water and I have to be very regimented with my Ninja coffee bar (which was a new unit, not refurbished). I have to run double-filtered water through it and run the clean cycle once a week. It’s worth it to me tough b/c I love it. It’s 2 or 3 years old though and has decided it can do no more so I broke down and ordered a new one (the newest model) today before I saw this deal. Oh well… worth it. I love my ninja coffee bar (and foodi… oh my goodness I love my foodi! Only three appliances get a permanent spot on my counters… The foodi, the ninja coffee bar, and the Kitchen Aid stand mixer). Good luck!

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Grr… ordered the newest model this morning from another seller before I saw this… oh well; worth it. They can be fussy, yes… but all things equal, it depends on your water quality and how you maintain the Coffee bar. Our water has lots of deposits so maintenance is a must and can be annoying but I still bought another and have bought several as gifts, so I guess it is worth it for me!

OH! one more thing… if you run pre-ground/finely ground coffee through it without a second filter, you are going to get coffee sludge… you have to either use a paper filter or use coarsely ground coffee. I grind my own daily.

Got one from a previous woot. Wife loves it. Had many keurig’s that broke and finally got tired of using them. Definitely worth it. Mine came practically new except for one small dent that’s not really noticeable on the machine.


Hi there. Sorry for the confusion. It comes with the STEEL CARAFE.


Got one of these refurbed from a previous Woot, and we absolutely love it. My wife and I brew 3-4 single cups every day on it and it makes a great cup of coffee. The frother on the side is a great add-on too! One of our favorite features.

Not sure if this is because it’s refurbed, but the “needs cleaning” light seems to come on very quickly. Like, within a couple weeks of cleaning it. We mostly ignore it, and run it through a cleaning cycle every couple of months.

We’ve also noticed that when we use the re-usable filter basket, it does leave some sediment in our coffee. We get a much smoother cup when we use a disposable paper filter.

Overall we love ours and we’d definitely buy it again, especially at this price.

They most likely mean glass lined. Mine is a steel carafe with a glass liner inside for insulation.

I bought one last year, it has a glass carafe. Doesn’t hold heat very well but it looks nice.

I think the coffee it makes it great, but I was pretty disappointed in the mode that’s supposed to make “espresso ish” coffee

Bought this (refurbished) last year. Didnt work right out of the box. Leaked all over the floor. I fixed a loose hose and it worked for another month. It only beeps when turning it on. Then it turns off…

How so you clean the frother?

the frother twists off. i usually just run it under water after using it. it does a good job.