Ninja CFP451CO DualBrew Pro System 14-Cup Coffee Maker

Ninja CFP451CO DualBrew Pro System 14-Cup Coffee Maker

Are those k-cups? And how does this compare to nescafe?


I have the version without the frother. It’s sooooo much better than a regular Keurig and I even dumped my Nespresso machine for a 2nd one of these at work. I just found the Nespresso pods too expensive and it was too difficult to get the right mix for lattes, this is simpler, more economical and I get better results. And yes, K cups but you can also use grounds to make a full pot.

There seems to be a glut of refurbished units for this specific model with very few, mostly negative, reviews. Does anyone have experience with this model and how it compares to the 12-cup dual pros?

I got this machine from Costco about 6 months ago and have been resistive pleased with it. Cons are you have to change out a piece to brew a pot versus kcup, the way the kcup is brewed splatters some of you have the eco kcups without the full plastic around them, and the settings for brewing a pot are somewhat limiting. None of those are a real problem for me, except the kcup splatter which I mitigate by using a folded piece of napkin or paper towel underneath the kcup. I’ve had no issues with mine and would recommend if you want a two in one type brewer.

There is no splatter for me. You need to keep the piece in that takes the paper filters before putting in the kcup attachment. If you dont have this in, splatter everytime. Have it in, zero splatter

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Just noticed your response and gotta say that makes perfect sense. I did not consider leaving that piece in place (don’t ask me why) which does indeed resolve that problem. Thanks for sharing that!

I just received two of these today, I ordered one for myself and one for a gift. Unfortunately the one I opened leaks water like crazy from the bottom of the reservoir where it connects to the machine.

I’m not sure if it’s not making a tight enough seal or not but this is super inconvenient and makes it impossible to leave any water in the reservoir if it’s not all being used up immediately.

I had filled up the reservoir and came back to a huge puddle all along my countertop. I emailed customer service and waiting in their response.

Mine does the same thing! Did customer service do anything?