Ninja Foodi 4-in-1 Indoor Grill

Ninja Foodi 4-in-1 Indoor Grill

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I would like this for a $1 please for staying up to take part in having the $1.07 item ripped away from my cart as I was paying. Thank you very much Woot Monkeys. Chop. Chop.
And, some steaks too. I can’t believe I stayed awake for this.


I ended up purchasing this item as a consolation prize for not getting the $1 deal.

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I seen the infomercial for this. Pretty impressive but lacks the rotisserie function the power air fryer I got here on Woot! a few months ago.

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Love, love, love this

Bought it the last time on Woot, use it almost every day

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Nice kitchen gadget. We have this model at the firehouse and it gets used daily.

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Since this is an older model (AG300 vs AG301 ), I wonder how it compares.

I bought one of these last time. My Bias against this unit is I got it for the indoor grill.


The issue with this unit that I got is that when it beeps to “Add Food” it then turns the machine off pretty quickly and it’s very easy to not hear. Furthermore it takes mine an excessively long time to get to high grill heat. (Well over what my oven takes to get to that same temperature and over 20 minutes). Yet only moments by comparison to get 100 degrees less in Air Crisp mode (I’ve been cooking at 400). It’s also no where near as good as your Grill outside.

As my 3rd Ninja Product, this one is definitely the weakest.

Once you have added the food you can open and adjust the time to keep the unit running. So it’s better to have the unit on with nothing in it if you are still prepping than to let it take forever to warm up again.

You can add your own meat thermometer and shut the lid on it. The more expensive units have a meat thermometer but it’s not needed when you can get one with a nice and loud beep.

Mine has been truly smokeless. When I use oil, I use avocado oil for the higher smoke point.

The reason I got this is my June Oven broke and they are sending me a replacement. Once I get that replacement. I’ll probably just stick to the June Oven. If you absolutely have no grill and hate to pan fry or cook foods and/or have an oversensitive smoke detector, then go with this.

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Use mine daily, great buy! Looked slightly used when I got it from Woot in June.

Other than creating grill marks, does this cook significantly differently from the regular (non-grill) Ninja Foodi cooker?

Hey there, we’re selling the AG300 model and the difference is the AG301 includes a dehydrate function, the one we are selling does not. Hope this helps!

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Very much so. Thanks for letting me know!

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I also got one last time it was offered.
I have had varying results but overall satisfied.
I did not already have an air fryer and this is probably my favorite feature. ( Tater Tots !!) I used grill feature with Frozen shrimp and enjoyed the results.
Easy to use easy to clean.
My basket had some scuff damage on the lip when it arrived.

I have done stuffed mushrooms, chicken and steak kabobs, seasoned fajita meat, brats and some other things and I honestly cannot cook. I use this for the grilling and then my hairdryer for the sides - that way they are done around the same time. I am going to attempt to bake some cinnamon rolls, personal size pizzas - probably this week.

It honestly does not get any easier and I am not eating the same thing and/or crap all the time

(My dogs love it too)

My problem is that it’s “factory reconditioned”. This means it’s a return for one reason or another.

Got mine last time as well. I noticed mine buzzing today…hmmm, will use 1 more time before I return it for a replacement.