Nintendo Wii Gaming Consoles

I’m sorry but who in their right mind would consider this a good deal? Wii consoles are at the point they almost have no monetary value at this point…but 200$ for this bundle? Worst deal i have EVER seen on woot since i have started using the Website.

you get an F for this one woot.


Which model of Wii is this? With or without GameCube ports? The picture shows with, but you can never be sure.

The Wii Mini cannot play GameCube games at all. The other one can, but as others have said, you’d be better finding a used one for much cheaper.

I’m not actually in the market for one, was just looking for clarification since the two models of Wii are extremely similar in appearance, and the newer one is missing GameCube ports. Model number should be specified as RVL-001(old) or RVL-101(new) to prevent confusion. Given the bundle that we have here, where there’s a separate Wii Motion Plus, rather than a Wii Remote Plus in the bundle, it’s a pretty safe guess that it’s the old model that has the GameCube ports. The confusing part is that the pictures show both. Neither of the pictures show the horizontal positioning of the new model, but if the two pictures don’t agree on the remote, there’s no real representation of the actual console there either.

Wii Mini is a completely different beast, not only does it not have GameCube ports, it also provides no option at all for network connectivity(for the store, or other, unofficial uses, as Nintendo Wifi Connection, for playing games online, has been discontinued).